Contract Manufacturing

Con-Tech – Contract Manufacturing Experts

Contract Manufacturing by Contek

Outsourcing production of your parts or products to a Contract manufacturing company requires a special kind of relationship with a manufacturer. Con-Tech has over 36 years of experience building relationships with suppliers and manufacturers worldwide.

Outsourcing Considerations

Choosing between contract manufacturing companies, one should meet such considerations as:

  • Legal & Trade restrictions
  • Taxes & Duties
  • Standards & Specifications
  • Quality Assurance
  • Shipping & Receiving Timelines
  • Price and Value

Reputable Contract Manufacturing Companies

Con-Tech International has been a trusted supplier, even offering full supply chain management, of custom manufactured metal and plastic parts used in several industries and applications since 1983.

Manufacturing Expertise

ConTech is a contract manufacturing company with expertise in

  • casting,
  • machining,
  • stamping,
  • fabrication,
  • and assembly,
  • as well as import logistics

as part of an overall global sourcing package available to OEMs.

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