Intermediate Bulk Containers for Wine

Intermediate Bulk Containers can and should be used instead of wooden barrels for wine.

Contrary to popular belief, the IBC is not only for bulk chemicals including hazardous materials where the IBC is proven suitable; Intermediate Bulk Containers made of stainless steel are also very suitable for wine storage. You see, wooden barrels were first invented during the Iron Age (800-900 BC) and later used for liquids in the first century BC. They are old news.

IBC: New Way To Store Wine

Although regular steel wine drums are not useful for liquids due to corrosion, the wine industry transitioned from wood wine barrels to stainless steel totes because of certain advantages.

Top Six Advantages of the Stainless Steel IBC Where Wine is Concerned

  • Acidic substances like wine can corrode wood. The chromium oxide and nickel in a stainless steel Intermediate Bulk Container are anti-corrosive and resist the acidity of wine.
  • Wood will absorb liquid, while stainless steel won’t.
  • Wood will change the flavor of a liquid, and steel will not.
  • Excessive heat and oxygen seeping through wooden barrels can cause wine to spoil. The IBC will prevent heat invasion
  • If oxygen can get in, evaporation can get out. Intermediate Bulk Containers resist wine evaporation where wood barrels don’t.

Stainless steel wine totes are newer storage technology than wooden barrels, are more affordable than oak wood barrels, last longer, and do not affect taste in the making or storage of wine.

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