Can Anyone Be A Manufacturer Now?

The World Wide web has contributed to the evolution of many industries, and created new ones; manufacturing is no exception. Manufacturing directories online like ThomasNet, manufacturing knowledge sharing sites are available, and communities like local-motors have popped up and they all contribute to the extension of manufacturing down to individuals and smaller production runs. Some manufacturing communities enable ideas to be presented to a community of engineers, some enable entrepreneurs to seek funding “from the cloud”, some are discussion venues full of industrial designers and fabricators. It’s all online, even the means to market your product.

However, if by “be your own manufacturer,” you mean have your own plant and work hands on with the machinery, then not exactly, but anyone can indeed pose online as a manufacturer by having their own products made by a contract manufacturer, and they can even present their wares for sale online. The Web is the great equalizer whereby an inventor can take their idea from concept to creation to sales, and appear to be a big time player.

As Derek Singleton reported, “The plummeting costs of manufacturing-related technologies (e.g., CAD software and 3D printers) has reached the point where [contract manufacturing] is now accessible to the average person. It’s easier than ever to become a manufacturer.”

Individuals, inventors, and entrepreneurs can get software needed for much less money than in the past, and there are websites that enable people to create drawings that can be used by a contract manufacturer. They can even hire a contract manufacturer for the concept based on their specifications, or get advice on the specifications from that contract manufacturer, and proceed to production using the same company’s facility. For those who want to do their own production, there is lots of help.

Almost anyone can be a manufacturer nowadays.  How? Just hire a contract manufacturer.

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