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See why Con-Tech is the right choice for your Custom Manufacturing needs. Learn about our Drum Closures and Accessories offerings and our Small Container Closures and Accessories. Review the variety of Steel Products we supply. And if you want to learn something new, view our library of “How To” videos.

Con-Tech International is a global parts supplier of standard and custom parts of carbon steel, stainless steel and plastic for industrial packaging such as drums, IBC’s, tote tanks, plastic, and diverse products for the petrochemical, marine, automotive and other industries. You provide your product needs; target price and timetable and we match your needs with the right source.
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Understand How to Chose A Global Supplier or the ins and outs of Outsource Manufacturing. Get Hints on Selecting the Best Custom Manufacturer or Tips on Picking the Right IBC Parts Supplier. Get help on Why Use JIT for Industrial Packaging. Or learn from our Articles on a variety of industry topics, using our Glossary of Con-Tech terms as a guide.  Read more about the early days of the family business and take a look at the future from a Women in Business perspective from our current president.