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See why Con-Tech is the right choice for your Custom Manufacturing needs. Learn about our Drum Closures and Accessories offerings and our Small Container Closures and Accessories. Review the variety of Steel Products we supply. And if you want to learn something new, view our library of “How To” videos.

Con-Tech International is a global parts supplier of standard and custom parts of carbon steel, stainless steel and plastic for industrial packaging such as drums, IBC’s, tote tanks, plastic, and diverse products for the petrochemical, marine, automotive and other industries. You provide your product needs; target price and timetable and we match your needs with the right source.

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Helping You Decide About...

outsourced custom manufacturing

Outsource Manufacturing

An outsource manufacturer quickly and effectively produces your parts. We help you choose your outsource manufacturer.

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Your IBC Parts Supplier

Advanced technology for IBC parts is hard to find. We help you locate IBC parts satisfying the highest IBC standards.

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global parts supplier

A Global Supplier

International manufacturing is complicated today. We help you solve the problems with an American global supplier.

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Just in Time (JIT) Delivery

JIT delivery saves on inventory costs, warehouse space, and personnel. We help you make the right JIT selection.

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Custom Manufacturing

Companies today seek custom manufacturing alternatives abroad. We help you select the best custom manufacturer.

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Global Packaging

Sustainability is recognized as one of the greatest challenges facing the global packaging industry—a bigger concern than costs and packaging availability.

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Industry & Trade Updates

Transportation changes including a rail merger between Canadian Pacific’s (NYSE: CP) and Kansas City Southern (NYSE: KSU) could result in easier, faster and more secure transportation of industrial manufactured goods in North America. The merger would connect customers with six of the seven largest metropolitan regions in North America, potentially reduce transit times and provide […] Read More

What You Need to Know

Just In Time (JIT) delivery ensures that products are only received when needed for outgoing orders. Customers realize savings on inventory costs, warehouse space, and related personnel and enjoy enhanced profits as they can direct their resources to products for which their end users express more regular, immediate needs. JIT facilitates speedier order fulfillment, a […] Read More

Customers & Affiliations

AstraZeneca is a Con-Tech customer
Chicago Steel is a Con-Tech customer
Dupont is an affiliate of Con-Tech International
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Valvoline Oil is a Con-Tech affiliate