Con-Tech offers casting and custom manufacturing such as sand, investment, and permanent mold castings in bronze, carbon steel, stainless steel, ductile iron, and aluminum. Our large network of casting manufacturers, many of whom are ISO certified. They have the requisite experience to ensure the castings you purchase meet all relevant technical standards for materials and soundness. Foundries we represent perform continuous testing to achieve consistent results, including spectrographic analysis, tensile testing, hydrostatic testing, sand sampling, and testing, and various other tests required as per customer specifications. Casting can offer near net shapes and limit the amount of finish machining required, often resulting in significant cost savings.

There is much that has been written in the scientific world about the benefits of casting, especially permanent mold casting. By using Con-Tech’s casting supply chain management and other procurement services, our customers take advantage of low material prices, easy access, adaptability, and a wide range of applications, whether it is single or large-scale production.  Our global sourcing casting suppliers provide products for a variety of production runs using numerous complex techniques.

Con-Tech can help companies in many different industries with procurement outsourcing their casting and custom manufacturing needs. Con-Tech services can span a range of industries whether automotive; beer and brewery; building and construction; chemical; consumer products; containers; food, fragrances and beverage; industrial packaging; intermediate bulk container and tote tanks; marine and shipbuilding; oil and gas; packaging; stairways and ladders; steel and plastic drum; transportation; or numerous others.

Casting Custom Manufactured Part Examples

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Did You Know?

Custom manufacturing is essential to the future of manufacturing. Production is rapidly shifting toward flexible, automated workstations enabling even small manufacturers to take advantage of technology.