Procurement Outsourcing

Con-Tech offers Procurement Outsourcing Management Services

Con-Tech handles all of your procurement outsourcing requirements so you do not have to divert limited resources away from your core product. And you do not need to navigate the language barriers, cultural differences, fluctuating exchange rates and trade restrictions that can make procurement outsourcing frustrating.

Our world-class, ISO-certified procurement outsourcing suppliers in China, Taiwan, India and elsewhere are experienced in casting, stamping, deep drawing, CNC machining, fabricating, finishes, forging, plating, anodizing, polishing, and injection molding. These custom manufacturers handle your specifications with materials that are tested to meet all relevant standards for your industry. This allows Con-Tech’s procurement outsourcing partners to consistently deliver a wide range of parts that are produced to meet challenging requirements. Each job is crafted with pride and care that shines through in the finished part.

Procurement outsourcing empowers companies to obtain services and products without the creation and management of their own procurement department, a highly beneficial tactic in today’s global market. Many different companies take advantage of procurement outsourcing and for a number of different reasons. When companies do not want or need to handle their own procurement, outsourcing is the solution. They may not procure enough stock, or not often enough, to warrant their own such department; they may not currently afford the staff, or be able to train /manage/oversee the staff for the things that need to be procured; when they can’t afford the in-house people, or cannot spare time to train and manage them, management/owners may not want to, or may not be capable themselves of handling procurement. The purpose of procurement outsourcing is to get things researched, bids tendered, prices negotiated, and goods or services received on time, without having to do your own procurement.

What is Procurement Outsourcing

Procurement outsourcing is a method companies use to obtain the different items they need in order to create their end product or service. They can save time, or frustration, or mistakes, or money by having another company procure those items when that other company is expert in the field of information gathering, soliciting bids, negotiating, and fulfillment.

What Kinds of Companies Take Advantage of Procurement Outsourcing

Many different kinds of companies in nearly every industry outsource all or part of their procurement system. Steel drum reconditioning companies might order their supplies from a company halfway across the world, while a marine company might order boat parts from a company across the country. Industries that Con-Tech provides procurement sourcing to may include aeronautics, trucking, marine, or any manufacturing or steel-related industries.

Benefits of Procurement Outsourcing

There are many different benefits of procurement outsourcing, including saving money. Companies who outsource don’t have to create new departments in house, and they don’t have to hire new employees and pay for training and wages. In addition to this, they don’t need special personnel, machinery, space, or technology for data processing and analysis, order processing and tracking, or shipping/receiving. Companies save money in all those aspects of their business. Other benefits include obtaining higher quality parts and products or services to create higher quality end products, as well as stimulating the economy domestically and possibly overseas as well.

Living in a post-COVID world has forced companies to evaluate the ongoing risks and challenges posed by global shifts. This had led to a careful examination of corporate procurement practices and supply chains. Acknowledging these worldwide shifts has emphasized the importance of global procurement.

Global procurement is critical in a world where it is very difficult for one company to possess the more sophisticated skills, technology and materials needed. Especially where requirements like precision castings are needed, reliance on powerhouse foreign producers is becoming essential. Even though thoughts of distant parts suppliers can be daunting, the positive benefits of procurement through a global supply chain are well established.

carefully examination of corporate procurement practices and supply chains.

Benefits of Procurement Outsourcing with Con-Tech

Each procurement outsourcing project begins with Con-Tech listening to your manufacturing needs and product specifications. Then you send us a drawing, a specification or the actual part you need and we will take it from there. We convey the specifications for your industrial packaging part to the right manufacturer for your unique application.

What makes Con-Tech different than others in procurement outsourcing is our attention to detail and our knowledge of your industry. We are tenacious and thrifty and we use our expertise to stay with you every step of the process from design, prototype, production, and import to delivery.

As a key source of procurement outsourcing for more than 35 years, Con-Tech’s strong relationships with global suppliers and manufacturers and our logistics expertise allow us to master the recent changes in American tariff regulations and related issues with ease.

As a global parts supplier for procurement outsourcing, Con-Tech can supply all of your custom manufacturing needs. Click the RFQ button, email or call us today at 1-504-523-4785.

Did You Know?

Custom manufacturing is essential to the future of manufacturing. Production is rapidly shifting toward flexible, automated workstations enabling even small manufacturers to take advantage of technology.