Fourth Generation of Con-Tech Family

Welcoming Robert Evans III Con-Tech International, a New Orleans based global parts supplier, has been family owned and operatedsince 1983. Its roots, founding and operations today typify the evolution of an American family businessand the family values that it embodies. Company founder, the late Robert George Evans Jr. (“Robbie”), valued his country, his city, and…Read More

More on Marine Hardware & Custom Mfg

In our previous blog, we shared information about our marine hardware products and our services in helping customers obtain custom manufactured goods. Sometimes, a picture (in this case, a video) is definitely worth a thousand words. Find more great content, like our “how to videos” and more product videos on our YouTube channel.

Shipping News – Beyond the Water, Behind the Scenes

There has been lots of movement on the waters in 2021 with importing and exporting goods and with freight and shipping reaching new numbers in terms of cargo, pricing and capacity. It seems there is a new update every week on rates, on record-busting capcity numbers and on mergers and acquisitions. Con-Tech makes it a…Read More

Technology and Manufacturing

Technological changes have impacted the world of manufacturing and distribution in myriad ways. Technology has radically improved manufacturing, replacing human workers with machines which frequently perform tasks faster and more accurately. Technology also has made implementing manufacturing changes easier, whether remanufacture, design for assembly, design for disassembly, or design for recycling is involved.And distribution channels have been changed by technology…Read More

Transportation Changes to Bring Better Delivery Results

Transportation changes including a rail merger between Canadian Pacific’s (NYSE: CP) and Kansas City Southern (NYSE: KSU) could result in easier, faster and more secure transportation of industrial manufactured goods in North America. The merger would connect customers with six of the seven largest metropolitan regions in North America, potentially reduce transit times and provide…Read More

Con-Tech President Barbara Ryniker Evans

Celebrating Women in Business

March is Women’s History Month and what better way to acknowledge it than by sharing the inspiring story of Con-Tech President, Barbara Ryniker Evans?…Read More

Air cargo freight

2021 Changes to Cargo & Shipping Industries

The cargo and shipping industries are facing some major changes in the coming year with new safety regulations and advances in technology made to make logistics easier.  Over 75% of global trade is carried out between countries without a common border making reliance on sea and air greater than trade with countries with common borders where road & rail…Read More

Family Business, a Labor of Love

As Con-Tech looks toward the Labor Day holiday, we reflect on how this business started and all the hard labor and effort that went into to it to make it the success it is today. …Read More

Industries We Serve

Con-Tech’s long-standing international manufacturing partners satisfy the highest standards of your industry. Our suppliers make products that we developed for some of the world’s most renowned companies….Read More

Why Use Just In Time Delivery for Your Business?

Con-Tech offers many resources including Just In Time Delivery…Read More