Custom Manufacturing

Global Sourcing

Global sourcing is a process employed by companies from well-developed nations, such as USA, to obtain merchandise and services from the world market, specifically from developing countries that offer low-cost manufacturing and manpower fees.

Parts Manufacturer

Con-Tech is a parts manufacturer offering industrial parts, but we are also specialists in contract production of high precision stainless steel, specialty metal, and plastic components. Send us your ideas and find out how our custom manufacturing could be your best choice.

Supply Chain Management

Your Reputation is Only As Good As Your Supply Chain Is there a weak link in your supply chain? The cost of failure is very high these days. Increasingly difficult to control supply chains cause great pains for companies and even bring on failures. Risk management association, Airmic, asserts that firms outsource more than just… Read More

Contract Manufacturing

Outsourcing production of your parts or products to a Contract manufacturing company requires a special kind of relationship with a manufacturer…

Outsourcing Manufacturing

For many businesses, time, cost, staff, machinery, facility, all contribute together or in part to reasons why they prefer not to undertake their own manufacturing. Outsourcing manufacturing becomes their logical alternative.

Precision Machining

Many different companies rely on precision machining, and customers utilize the benefits of precision machining, even if they may not know it. Components that are precisely machined are used in a wide variety of products and they are fabricated by the product manufacturer, or often times outsourced – ordered from another machine shop by the company creating the product.

Procurement Services

Con-Tech is proud of the extra effort we put into the sourcing service we provide our customers, which in general is the managing of an overseas supply chain to provide cost reductions.


Industrial Parts & Products

Since 1983, Con-tech International has become a leading industrial parts supplier for many industries such as steel discs, closures and drum accessories to the steel drum industry; stainless steel ball valves and fittings to IBC manufacturers; and specialty metal components to a wide variety of industries.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid Containers and Parts

Con-Tech offers vented DEF spouts, which are flexible plastic pipes used to dispense DEF additives typically from 1 gallon jugs, 2 gallon jugs, 2.5 gallon jugs, and 5 gallon jugs.

Drum Closures & Container Closures

Since 1983, Con-tech International has been supplying our own Tite-Seal™ Closures brand of drum closures and container closures to the steel drum industry and to IBC manufacturers and reconditioners.

Procurement Outsourcing

The Purpose Of Seeking Procurement Services Outside Of The Company Procurement Outsourcing Empowers Companies Procurement outsourcing empowers companies to obtain services and products without the creation and management of their own procurement department, and it’s a highly beneficial tactic in today’s global market. Many different companies take advantage of procurement outsourcing and for a number… Read More

55 Gallon Containers Accessories

Con-Tech is the exclusive industrial parts supplier in the Americas for Technocraft Industries (India) Ltd., an ISO 9002 certified industrial manufacturing company, producing drum closures, capseals, gaskets and drum flange insertion dies. A complete assortment of nuts and bolts for open head drum rings is available as well.

Intermediate Bulk Container Suppliers

The intermediate bulk container manufacturing industry is another major container-related industry Con-Tech serves. We offer our industrial parts to manufacturers, re-conditioners, and end-users the industry’s most comprehensive line of parts available for stainless and carbon steel IBCs such as our Voyager brass and steel ball valves, and tote tank bolted fittings.

Stainless Steel Marine Hardware & Brass Marine Hardware

Marine manufacturers and distributors choose Con Tech Marine Hardware as their source for custom-made wholesale parts. See the wide array of products that Con Tech Marine Hardware Division has had manufactured. It all starts with your product specification or drawing and we take it from there.

Flat Roll Steel Products

Con-Tech International has been trading steel products since 1985. Manufacturers can choose to have sheet steel and steel discs shipped direct from the mill to your plant or can arrange for JIT delivery by drawing from Con-Tech Steel’s large inventory.

Long Steel Mill Products

Con-Tech supplies structural products including rebar.

Precision Components

Con-Tech’s PRC division is your one-stop source for precision components and industrial parts made to your specifications. Our manufacturers have many years of experience in stamping, deep-drawing, CNC machining, investment and sand casting, forging, plating, anodizing, polishing, as well as other manufacturing processes.

Beer Keg Necks

Keg Fittings Con-Tech supplies European beer keg manufacturers with our forged and machined keg necks. Since 1996 we have produced necks to the exacting standards of breweries throughout the world. We produce both the US “draft style” beer keg neck for nearly 100% of the beer kegs made for the US market, as well as… Read More

Drum Closures

Tite-Seal Closures Con-Tech International brings to American container manufacturers a full range of high quality, low cost drum closures, called Tite-Seal™ Closures. Since 1983, we have been the exclusive supplier of Tite-Seal plugs and Tite-Seal flanges. Tite-Seal flanges (octagonal) and round plugs meet all U.S. DOT and U.N. standards and are completely interchangeable with other… Read More

Plastic Drum Plugs

Plastic drum plugs for 55 gallon steel drums This is our plastic drum plug offering for the 55 gallon steel drums. The drum plug sizes we offer are 2″ and 3/4″ with the NPT threads. We can supply plastic drum plugs made of Nylon and Polypropylene. Minimum Order Quantities: 2″ = 500/box; 3/4″ = 1000/box…. Read More

Cap Seal

A security cap seal will assure maximum protection for drummed products. Tite-Seal Cap Seal Con-Tech’s Tite-Seal cap seal is available in tin-plated steel and polyethylene, crimp or snap over drum plugs and flanges to provide maximum protection against tampering, contamination and spills. Custom printing adds brand impact. Minimum Order Quantities vary by materials below. For… Read More

Crimping Tools

Manual and pneumatic capseal crimping tools Available for fast and effective installation. In stock and ready for immediate shipment. We carry manual and pneumatic crimping tools for the crimp on capseals. We offer them for 2″ and 3/4″ TITE SEAL metal or plastic capseals for 55 gallon drums. Our tools are designed to last a… Read More

Leak Lock System for Reconditioned Drums

The Leak Lock system — a two piece system Used when the octagon flange gasket has been incinerated during the burning operation of the reconditioning process. This plug replaces the traditional three piece system that uses a gasket, retaining ring, and hexagon plug. Minimum Order Quantities: 2″ = 500/box; 3/4″ = 1000/box. “Delmy, I think… Read More

Drum Flange Gaskets

Drum Flange & Plug Gaskets for Tite-SealTM Con Tech offers a variety of drum flange gaskets. We carry them in both sizes 2″ and 3/4″ for the TYPE 1 plugs. Among the drum flange gaskets we offer are Black Buna, EPDM and Poly-irradiated made with the finest material in the market. Viton, Teflon and Neoprene… Read More

Bolts Nuts Lugs Clamps

Components for Drum Manufacturing and Reconditioning Con-Tech International is a supplier of components used in the drum manufacturing and reconditioning industries. Please contact us for minimum order quantities. Specifications for bolts and nuts. Bolts and nuts are zinc electro-plated for rust resistance Bolts and nuts are manufactured using ANSI standards Our bolts are manfactured using… Read More

Torque Required for Drum Closures & Plugs

What torque to use on drum plugs and closures? This is the force that needs to be used by employees that close the drum openings. Since Contech sells drum plugs, we feel it’s necessary to provide information on how to use them; in this case, what strength to use on the torque wrenches. If there… Read More

Fire Cabinet Vents

Our customers use our closures to create ventilation on all of their flammable safety cabinets for those users that may be required to vent storage cabinets by their state or local fire codes and safety regulations, company policies, insurance policies or other local authorities.

Stainless Steel Drum Closures

Stainless Drum Plugs Con-Tech supplies stainless drum manufacturers with several stainless steel closure options, including Tite Seal stamped drum closures, machined stainless steel flanges (used with Tite Seal plugs), and forged plugs and flanges for nitric acid drums. Special Stainless Drum Plugs and Flanges Additionally, we make special application flanges, such as the buttress thread… Read More

Air Brake Tank Fittings

Steel Weld Spuds Con-Tech supplies air brake tank manufacturers with cold formed steel weld spuds that are an integral part of the air reservoirs in truck and trailer braking systems. These steel weld flanges perform reliably on many well known brands, including Freightliner and others. Our resistance welded fittings are available in four sizes, with… Read More

Bung Caps & IBC Closures

Bung Plug / Bung Cap Con-Tech International is the exclusive supplier of Tite SealTM bung plugs and flanges used by American stainless steel drum container manufacturers and reconditioners. Installation of the Tite Seal bung plug by means of an insertion die is an economic alternative to welding flanges. We supply the IBC industry with standard… Read More

Deck Plates

Deck Plate Wholesaler Looking for high quality marine deck plates at low wholesale prices?Con Tech Marine offers a (C83600) marine bronze deck plate, also known as 85-5-5-5 deck plate. Marine Deck Plates Options Deck plates can be supplied with polished visible surfaces and either with or without lettering. Available cast-in stamps include diesel, fuel, gas,… Read More

Hot Rolled Steel Coils

Hot Rolled Steel Coils Con-Tech supplies hot rolled steel coils to the exacting specifications of our customers. Our offering includes a wide variety of grades and thicknesses. Our hot rolled material can be provided as hot bands or pickled and oiled. Shipping Hot Rolled Steel These products can be supplied in coil form, cut to… Read More

Steel Cylinder Fittings

Weld Flanges Our steel gas cylinder flanges and fittings are welded to industrial gas cylinders, which are then tested to DOT, TC, and HSE requirements. We provide a variety of machined cylinder flanges in 1015, 1020, and 1030 chrome moly steel. Steel Cylinder Flanges Contech steel cylinder flanges fit high pressure gas cylinders Threaded Cylinder… Read More

Carbon Steel Plate & Coil Plate

Coiled Steel Plate & Coil Plate Direct From Mill To You Con-Tech supplies carbon steel plates & coil plate available in many grades, widths and thickness. Con-Tech is the importer of record for this product and can deliver it through several ports, to almost anywhere.View Catalog Steel Plate Rolled for Shipping We’re Your Coiled Steel… Read More

Stainless Steel Name Plates

High quality stainless steel or bronze name plates at wholesale prices? Yes, Con Tech Marine specializes in contract production of high precision stainless steel and bronze parts for any OEM products. Stainless Steel Name Plates 316 stainless steel name plates are investment cast and then polished to a bright, mirror finish. We can produce stainless… Read More

Steel & Brass Hose Adapters

NPTF Hose Adapters We stock our hose adapter in large quantity. C360 brass hose adapters, menders, and nipples in multiple sizes. Our hose adapter is used in many different industries in hose applications, including the marine, plumbing, water treatment, and commercial construction markets.

Ball Valves

Ball Valves – Stainless Steel and Brass Tote Valves at Wholesale Prices Con-Tech IBC is your one-stop source for Voyager tote valves and fittings. The industry’s most complete line of stainless and carbon steel IBC products is brought direct from our exclusive ISO-certified manufacturers to you. Voyager Model V-2N Stainless Steel Ball Valves 2″ 2-Pc…. Read More

Cold Rolled Sheet Steel Coils

Cold Rolled Sheet Steel Coils Con-Tech is the importer of record of cold rolled sheet steel, sourcing from several world class steel producers. Con-Tech also purchases and supplies coils from U.S. based steel companies. These mills have been chosen as suppliers based on their ability to guarantee the highest quality and lowest cost available anywhere.View… Read More

Fastener Kits

Private Label Fasteners Con-Tech supplies manufacturers with fastener kits that include a variety of standard and custom fasteners, including related hardware items, all packaged in kit form and labeled according to customer requirements. Our fastener and fittings kits can be sealed in plastic bags and shipped directly to both wholesale and retail outlets or to… Read More

Stainless Steel Hinges

Looking for high quality stainless steel hinges at low wholesale prices? Con Tech Marine stainless steel hinges have a high quality surface finish that complements the finish hardware found throughout the interior or exterior of your boat. This marine hardware can be produced in a multitude of styles and sizes to match a boat’s existing… Read More

Galvanized Steel Coils

Coiled Galvanized Steel Direct From Mill To You Coated Sheet Steel products are available from Con-Tech’s extensive range of steel producers. These offerings are available in electrolyte zinc coated, hot dip galvanized and aluminum zinc alloy coated steel. Reputable Flat Roll Steel Supplier Con-Tech has built its reputation on reliably delivering flat rolled steel products… Read More

Mooring Bits

Need high quality mooring bitts at low wholesale prices? Con Tech Marine wholesales mooring bits in 316 stainless steel. Mooring Bitt Sizes Available in 4″, 5″, 6″, and 7″ sizes. Mooring Bitts Availability In Stock. Order Now! Mooring Bitt Like our other deck hardware, the mooring bitts have the same high quality, polished surface that… Read More

Cam Lock Couplings Cam and Groove Fittings

High Precision Camlock Fittings Con-Tech IBC brings to tote tank manufacturers and users cam lock couplings and cam and groove fittings made to MIL-C-27487 (A-A-59326) by our ISO 9000 certified camlock manufacturing partners in China. Cam Lock Couplings – Stainless Steel Part No. 2CCF – 2″ 316 Stainless Steel Cam and Groove Male Adapter Part… Read More

Steel Floor Plate

Floor Plating Direct From Steel Mill To You Con-Tech also offers flat rolled carbon steel floor plates. Our steel floor plates can be used for a wide variety of applications such as truck bed flooring, ramps and walkways. We carry different sizes and gauges to meet your specific needs. Rolled Steel Floor Plate Call Con-Tech… Read More

Transom Exhaust

Thru Transom Exhaust – Low Wholesale Prices High quality stainless steel Thru Transom Exhaust available in polished stainless steel finish in 3″, 4″, 5″, 6″ sizes. Custom Thru Transom Exhaust We have produced specialized Thru Transom Exhaust for particular design requirements and look forward to utilizing our skills to further suit your nautical needs.

Bow Chocks

Bow chocks at low wholesale prices? Yes, Many different types of bow chocks are available from Con Tech Marine wholesale to OEMs: Skene type, closed, straight, etc. Bow chocks can be made in stainless steel or bronze, and polished if required. Bow Chocks & Other Parts Con-Tech Marine specializes in contract production of high precision… Read More

Cold Rolled Steel Circle Blanks

Steel Discs Direct From Mill To You Con-Tech has been in the steel disc business for over 25 years. Our steel circle blanks are used as the tops and bottoms of 55 gallon steel drums. The thickness range that we can offer is from .0220″ to .0504″. We can supply steel discs with the following… Read More

IBC Lids & Components

IBC Components – Wholesale Con-Tech IBC brings to Tote tank manufacturers and users high precision IBC components, including IBC lids. These products are produced under strict quality control procedures by our ISO-9000 certified manufacturing partners. IBC Lids Stainless Steel IBC Lid – Part No. 16SSIBCCR – 22 1/2″ 304 Stainless Steel IBC Lid, Eyebrows, 3″… Read More

Bow Rollers

Bow rollers at low wholesale prices? Sure! If you’re looking for high quality stainless steel bow rollers and other assembled parts, Con Tech can provide them. Con Tech Marine coordinates the various production techniques required to produce multiple part assemblies that ultimately become an appealing and practical part of your boat such as our bow… Read More

Steel Circle Blanks

Sheet Steel Plate Direct From Mill To You Con-Tech has developed two high quality circle plate blank sources in China. The circle plate blanks are used as the ends of storage tanks. We offer both standard and oversized diameters. Plate blanks can also be cut into shapes other than circular to meet the specific needs… Read More

Boat Cleats

Boat cleats at low wholesale prices? Yes, Con Tech Marine boat cleats are all polished to a bright, mirror finish and are available in several sizes, including 8″, 10″, 12″, and 15″. We offer open base type, stud mounted, and other boat cleats. Boat Cleats Custom Made Our boat cleats, like our other products, can… Read More

IBC Parts & Pipe Fittings

IBC Pipe at Wholesale Prices Con-Tech IBC parts IBC Pipe 90 Degree Elbows Part No. BV90ELBOW –2″ 304 Stainless Steel 90deg Elbow, Female NPT x Female NPT, Sand Cast, 150# Pressure Rating Part No. BVSELBOW – 2″ 304 Stainless Steel 90degree Street Elbow, Female NPT x Male NPT, Sand Cast, 150 # Pressure Rating Part… Read More

Stainless Pipe Deck Plates

High quality stainless steel pipe deckplates at low wholesale prices. Con-Tech Marine specializes in contract production of high precision stainless steel parts. Con-Tech works exclusively with a small number of stainless steel foundries and fabrication shops — all ISO-certified to insure you get consistent, high performance products such as these deckplates. Deckplate Features O-ring to… Read More

Voyager™ Portable Tank Fittings

Tank Fittings for Poly Tanks Voyager bolted tank fittings’ round shape, investment cast stainless steel construction, and tight bolt pattern make these the most durable plastic tank fittings on the market. The Voyager line of tank fittings is available with either EPDM or Viton gaskets, and is assembled on your poly tank using 316 stainless… Read More

Boat Gas Tank Vent, Hose Nipples & Stainless Thru Hulls

Looking for a high quality boat gas tank vent or hose nipples or stainless steel thru hulls low wholesale prices? Con-Tech Marine specializes in contract production of high precision stainless steel parts such as our boat gas tank vent, hose nipples, and stainless steel thru hulls available in multiple sizes. Boat Gas Tank Vent Finish… Read More

Tiller Arms

Looking for high quality tiller arms at low wholesale prices? Con-Tech Marine specializes in contract production of high precision stainless steel, brass and bronze parts like our rudder tiller arms. Custom Made Tiller Arms Con-Tech works exclusively with a small number of brass and bronze foundries and fabrication shops — all ISO-certified to insure you… Read More

UW Boat Strainers & Scuppers

Need A Scupper Drain or Boat Strainer at Low Wholesale Prices? Con Tech Marine rectangular scoop, scoop, and round boat strainers are available in different sizes and with either stainless or brass screens. We are capable of producing a variety of boat strainers, cockpit drain scuppers, and other similar items from castings in both stainless… Read More

UW Thru-Hulls

Thru-Hulls at Wholesale Stems of thru hulls are threaded with straight pipe threads and are available in marine bronze or polished stainless steel. Custom Made Through Hulls Currently our thru hulls are all either marine bronze (red brass) or stainless steel. Con-Tech Marine specializes in contract production of high precision stainless steel, brass and bronze… Read More