IBC Lids & Components


Con-Tech supplies high precision IBC components, including IBC lids to tote tank manufacturers. These products are produced under strict quality control procedures by our ISO-9000 certified manufacturing partners.

IBC Lids

Stainless Steel IBC Lid – Part No. 16SSIBCCR
22 1/2″ 304 Stainless Steel IBC Lid, Eyebrows, 3″ Nipple Welded in Center, 16 Gauge, 2B Finish, Wire Seal Lug

IBC Components

Stainless Steel Fusible Vent/Fill Cap – Part No. 3GITFV
3″ 316 Stainless Steel Fusible Vent / Fill Cap with EPDM Gasket and Lanyard –

The Gits vent has a fusible seal designed to melt and vent the tank in a fire situation. The standard flow rate is 110,000 CFH at 250 deg F. and 5 psig.

Zinc Plated Carbon Steel Clamp Ring – Part No. 17HRINGZ
22 1/2″ (55 gallon) or 18 1/4″ (30 gallon) Zinc Plated Carbon Steel Clamp Ring with Forged Lugs Welded Straight out for IBC applications

Zinc Plated Hex Head Bolt – Part No. 5/8 x 4HHB
5/8-11 x 4″ Length Zinc Plated Hex Head Bolt

Zinc Plated Jam Nut – Part No. 5/8JN
5/8-11 Zinc Plated Jam Nut

Stainless Steel Plated Jam Nut – Part No. 5/8JNSS
5/8-11 Steel Plated Jam Nut