IBC Lids & Components

Con-Tech supplies Intermediate Bulk Container lids, components and other parts.

Con-Tech supplies high precision Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) lids and components produced by global sourcing suppliers in China, Taiwan, India, and elsewhere, many of whom are ISO certified. Our industrial packaging suppliers offer the best of advanced technology for IBC lids and components with production under strict quality control.

The IBC, a reusable, flexible or rigid cross between a drum and industrial bulk transport which can be moved by forklifts or pallet trucks, has become common since first patented in the 1990s. Cube-shaped, the IBC became more popular as it was easily stored and shipped, and used space more efficiently than other containers.

Uses of Intermediate Bulk Containers

IBCs may be purchased or leased and their durability and easy handling make them a preferred form of global packaging for a vast array of items from paints, chemicals, and petrochemicals to food, pharmaceuticals, healthcare products, and commodities. According to one research study, the IBC market is set to cross a US $10 billion market soon as the packaging industry shifts away from plastics and plastic-based composites, with 80% of the IBC market being the food and beverage, industrial chemical, and building and construction industries.

The stackable rigid IBC comes in many sizes from the frequently used 275 and 330 US gallon IBC up to 793-gallon IBC. The rigid IBC is made of metal, plastic or a composite and most have a built-in valve through which the contents can be poured. The flexible IBC also can be made of fiberboard, woodaluminum, and folding plastic. Composite IBCs use plastic liners that are versatile and economical.

Con-Tech’s global suppliers manufacture our IBC parts & fittings to exacting specifications for leak-proof performance and fully test them for compliance with our high-quality standards. Con-Tech offers a wide range of IBC parts & fittings including Voyager Ball Valves, IBC bolted ringscam lock couplings for tote tanks, IBC container closures, IBC container covers, IBC container gaskets, IBC belts, IBC lids and components, IBC container pipe fittings, and IBC container vents.

The Importance of Using the Right IBC Parts

Using the correct drum and IBC closures and accessories is critical as the area is strictly regulated. Organizations of manufacturers of reconditioned and new steel, plastic and fiber drums as well as intermediate bulk containers work hard on their members’ compliance. Manufacturers of new industrial packaging and their North American suppliers do the same while emphasizing the importance of safety and reliability.

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