Leak Lock™ Plugs

Leak Lock™ Plugs

Two-piece Leak Lock™ plugs from Con-Tech work together to plug storage drums eliminating a three-piece system that uses a gasket, retaining ring, and hexagon plug.

Con-Tech global sourcing offers a wide variety of reconditioned drum closures and accessories which we exclusively supply in the Americas for Technocraft Industries (India) Ltd., an ISO 9002 certified worldwide supplier of  Tite-Seal™ plugs and Tite-Seal™ flanges. We also have a full line of leak lock plugsplug gaskets, and other related accessories. The leak lock system for reconditioned drums is used in drum reconditioning, a process whereby empty, used drums are cleaned, re-shaped, assembled with the appropriate lid, ring and/or fittings, painted and recoated where needed.

Con-Tech supplies the leak lock system for reconditioned drums with both 2″ and 3″ leak lock plugs. The leak lock system for reconditioned drums is used when the octagon flange gasket has been incinerated during the burning operation of the reconditioning process. This plug replaces the traditional three-piece system that uses a gasket, retaining ring, and hexagon plug.

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Leak Lock™ Plugs

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