Plastic Cap Seals

Plastic Cap Seals

Con-Tech imports and distributes steel, stainless steel and plastic drum and container closures and accessories including plastic cap seals, plugs and flanges, cap seals which are customizable cap seals, nylon plugs and gaskets.

Con-Tech offers plastic cap seals which are customizable cap seals, bung caps, flanges, IBC closures and other fittings produced by world-class suppliers, many of whom are ISO certified. Our industrial packaging suppliers offer the best of advanced technology for bung caps, flanges and IBC closures with production under strict quality control.

Con-Tech is a global parts supplier of drum closures and container accessories used with various drums including closed-head steel drums and open head steel drums. Con-Tech also supplies closures for use with IBCs, the reusable, flexible or rigid cross between a drum and industrial bulk transport which has become common since patented in the 1990s.

Con-Tech offers customizable plastic cap seals and customizable bung caps. You can use your own logo, special directions or other symbols to have a unique look to your bung caps and cap seals.

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Plastic Cap Seals

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