Cold Forming

Con-Tech’s global procurement services offer significant customer cost savings through cold forming and custom manufacturing products into near net shapes with limited finish machining time. We use suppliers in China, Taiwan, India and elsewhere, many of which are ISO certified. Our global parts supply partners work to your specifications with materials that are tested to meet all relevant standards for your industry.

Our suppliers’ cold forming is a reliable and cost-effective process with superior dimensional control. Cold forming quickly produces strong custom manufactured or other parts with quality surfaces and minimal contamination. Close repetitive tolerances at a considerable saving over machined part prices are achieved. Whether squeezing, bending, drawing, or shearing techniques are used, these cold forming techniques are simpler than hot forming procedures while tooling prices are reasonable as well.

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Did You Know?

Custom manufacturing is essential to the future of manufacturing. Production is rapidly shifting toward flexible, automated workstations enabling even small manufacturers to take advantage of technology.