Custom Manufacturing

Con-Tech offres custom manufacturing such as casting, stamping, forging, frabicating, finishing and injection molding.

Con-Tech’s procurement outsourcing relies upon many world-class suppliers in China, Taiwan, India and elsewhere, many of whom are ISO-certified. They are experienced in custom manufacturing including castingstamping, deep drawing, precision machining, fabricatingfinishes, forging, plating, anodizing, polishing, and injection molding. These industrial packaging and other global sourcing manufacturers handle your specifications with materials that are tested to meet all relevant standards for your industry. This allows Con-Tech’s custom manufacturing partners to consistently deliver a wide range of parts that are produced to meet challenging requirements. Each job is crafted with pride and care that shines through in the finished part.

Why Custom Manufacturing

There are many issues that need to be considered in deciding whether custom manufacturing or mass production is right for you. Con-Tech helps you make that decision and then handles all of your custom manufacturing requirements so you do not have to divert limited resources away from your core product. And you do not need to navigate the language barriers, cultural differences, fluctuating exchange rates and trade restrictions that can make custom manufacturing frustrating.

Setting up a manufacturing facility has many challenges and being able to set up for custom manufacturing is not always feasible. Many manufacturers have turned to custom manufacturing, which some say is the future of manufacturing.

Thus, choosing the best contract manufacturer is increasingly important in the modern world. This involves analyzing whether the manufacturer is reputable; flexible enough to meet the customer’s quality and quantity standards; and can deliver in a timely manner. There are myriad benefits to contract manufacturing including cost savings as well as using the contract manufacturer’s advanced skills, focus and economies of scale that the customer may lack.

Each custom manufacturing project begins with Con-Tech listening to your manufacturing needs and product specifications. Then you send us a drawing, a specification or the actual part you need and we will take it from there. We convey the specifications for your custom manufactured part to the right manufacturer for your unique application.

Advantages of Con-Tech’s Procurement Outsourcing of Custom Manufacturing

What makes Con-Tech procurement services different than other procurement outsourcing custom manufacturing sources is our attention to detail and our knowledge of your industry. We are tenacious and thrifty and we use our expertise to stay with you every step of the process from design, prototype, production, and import to delivery.

We proudly do custom manufacturing business with many of the top 10 producing countries by GDP. With current tariffs, restrictions and trade challenges, we continue to look for other opportunities in more emerging markets. Our team is in constant contact with suppliers and customers to ensure we continue to offer the best products and services at the most affordable prices possible.

As a global parts supplier specializing in custom manufacturing imports for more than 35 years, Con-Tech’s strong relationships with global suppliers and manufacturers and our logistics expertise allow us to master the recent changes in American tariff regulations. Let’s break these down and address how we tackle some of the most important issues include sourcing, pricing, transportation, customs, and quality control.


Learning to navigate another country’s language, customs, and business methodology can be daunting. Many manufacturing companies in the United States are smaller, often family-owned and don’t have the resources to hire personnel specifically to source the goods and materials they need. According to the National Association of Manufacturers 2015 data, there were 251,774 firms in the manufacturing sector, with all but 3,813 firms considered to be small. Our experienced staff have all traveled to many of our partner factories and developed strong working relationships with companies we can recommend to our customers.


Finding a fair price that both the manufacturer and the supplier can agree upon takes trust, experience, and a hyper-awareness of the market. Con-Tech’s sales personnel have years of negotiating with overseas custom manufacturing companies, resulting in a great reputation and built-in trust.  We constantly watch and evaluate our markets to determine how to price products and materials.


Transportation changes across the globe continue, with strikes, new legislation and new processes presenting consistent challenges. Con-Tech uses its long-established contacts and works diligently to find solutions to these challenges and manage freight forwarding from beginning to end.


As a proud supporter of the GSP Coalition, Con-Tech monitors changes in legislation that might affect trade, taxes, and duties, all of which are important factors in navigating Customs. Our team has the experience and skills which are necessary to negotiate rates and provide savings that we can pass onto our customers.

As a global parts supplier for custom manufacturing, Con-Tech can supply all of your custom manufacturing needs. Click the RFQ button, email or call us today at 1-504-523-4785.

Did You Know?

Custom manufacturing is essential to the future of manufacturing. Production is rapidly shifting toward flexible, automated workstations enabling even small manufacturers to take advantage of technology.