Boat Strainers & Scuppers

Boat Strainers & Scuppers

Con-Tech can supply wholesale custom manufactured boat scuppers that allow water on the deck of a vessel to flow overboard through an opening cut through the bulwarks of a ship.

Con-Tech is a leader in boat strainers & scuppers, and cockpit drains, custom manufactured by suppliers in China, Taiwan, India or elsewhere, many of whom are ISO certified. Con-Tech customers using outside water to cool their boat engines need our metal boat strainers covering their scupper and cockpit drains to prevent grass and other solids from reaching their pumps.  Con-Tech has many solutions to any boating parts issue that can arise such as functional scuppers for boats.

High-grade stainless steel marine hardware is preferred in many applications as it may last more than 1000 years. Con-Tech’s stainless steel marine hardware is highly resistant to rust and less likely less to corrode in saline conditions. Our stainless steel marine hardware benefits from the properties of stainless steel which is used in marine and shipbuilding as well as innumerable other applications and industries.

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Boat Strainers & Scuppers

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