Hot Rolled Steel Coils

Hot Rolled Steel Coils

Con-Tech offers a wide variety of grades and thickness of hot roll steel coils and can offer all structural, high strength low alloy and common grades hot roll steel coils. Our hot roll steel coils can be provided as hot bands or pickled and oiled.

Con-Tech procurement outsourcing offers hot rolled steel coils from a variety of world-class mills, many of whom are ISO certified, which have been chosen based on their ability to guarantee the highest quality and lowest cost available anywhere. Our steel coils are available in a wide variety of thicknesses and in all structural, high strength, low alloy, and common grades. We can deliver hot rolled steel coils, cut to length sheets or first operational blanks.

Hot rolled steel is heated to just beneath its melting point and then repeatedly subjected to rolling, making it thinner and longer. Hot rolled steel is softer and more malleable making it perfect for larger steel shapes like structural beams and rail tracks, sheet metal and parts that need to be molded into very precise or distinct shapes.

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Hot Rolled Steel Coils

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