Flammable Safety Cabinet Parts

Flammable Safety Cabinet Parts

Con-Tech’s flammable safety cabinet parts and closures are used to properly vent all flammable safety cabinets. We have been a supplier for flammable safety cabinet and chemical storage cabinet parts for many years, whether the cabinets are used for flammables, corrosives, pesticides or poisons.

Con-Tech serves the needs of the flammable liquid storage industry by providing parts and closures which properly vent all flammable safety cabinets, the leak-proof manufactured containers for flammable liquids and vapors. Our parts for flammable liquid storage cabinets and other related cabinets are offered with a capped bung opening that allows for ventilation.

The U.S. government has strict guidelines on the handling of flammable liquids providing that only approved containers and portable tanks shall be used for their storage and handling, as do many states. Con-Tech’s flammable safety cabinet and chemical storage cabinet parts satisfy all federal, state and local fire codes and safety regulations, company policies and insurance policies.

Specialized types of storage cabinets must be used in laboratories in order to separate incompatible chemicals from one another and to ensure safe storage satisfying OSHA and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 30 standards.

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Flammable Safety Cabinet Parts

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