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Transportation and tank industries products and services from Con-Tech

Con-Tech custom manufacturing supplies the transportation and tank industries with a wide range of products. Our air brake tank fittings and gas cylinder flanges are produced by Con-Tech’s global sourcing suppliers in China, Taiwan, India, and elsewhere, many of whom are ISO certified. And the FreezePro™ Frost Protection Systems can be found on a variety of tanks.

Parts For Leading Tank, Drum And Other Transportation Product Manufacturers

We supply a leading manufacturer of aboveground, underground, rectangular, vertical, skid, and bracket steel tanks for industry and every branch of the U.S. military. They have over 90 years’ experience manufacturing durable steel tanks for a variety of industries.

We also provide fittings for a customer that fabricates and assembles stainless steel containers including drums, kegs, high pressure cylinders and other transportation products. Our parts are used by another multinational company that makes consumer, industrial and commercial air compressors and pneumatic air tools and accessories.

Steel tanks have a long, interesting history dating back to their development in the Nineteenth Century following the discovery of oil. In the intervening years there have been numerous changes in the storage of hazardous and flammable liquids. Corrosion control, secondary containment, leak detection, and fire protection are common design elements of tanks today. And government regulations have changed the tank industry, especially the Environmental Protection Agency when tanks for things like wastewater treatment are concerned.

Transportation And Tank Custom Manufactured Parts To Your Design

We can custom manufacture other transportation and tank parts to your design. Our custom manufacturing experts both know the most efficient ways to create parts and can create the highest quality parts possible.

Extensive Steel Circle Blank Inventory

Con-Tech procurement outsourcing also offers the transportation and tank industries an extensive range of steel circle blanks from a variety of world-class circle blank suppliers all over the world, as well as varied domestic steel suppliers and blanking facilities. Flat-rolled carbon steel floor plates supplied by Con-Tech are also used for a wide variety of transportation and tank applications such as truck beds. We carry different sizes and gauges of flat-rolled carbon steel floor plates to meet your specific needs. We also supply carbon steel plates and coil plate in many widths, grades, and thicknesses from sources worldwide.

Various Sizes of Steel Coils And Sheet Steel Available

Con-Tech procurement outsourcing offers hot rolled steel coils from a variety of world-class mills, which have been chosen based on their ability to guarantee the highest quality and lowest cost available anywhere. Our steel coils are available in a wide variety of thicknesses and in all structural, high strength, low alloy, and common grades. We can deliver hot rolled steel coils, cut to length sheets or first operational blanks.

Transportation and tank manufacturers can choose to have hot rolled, cold rolled sheet steel, steel circle blanks, and coated steel coil shipped directly from the mill to their plant or can arrange for JIT delivery by drawing from Con-Tech’s large inventory.

Transportation and tank products and services available to your industry include but are not limited to:

How Can Con-Tech Help You?

Con-Tech can supply all of your transportation and tank part requirements.  Click the RFQ buttonemail or call us at 1-504-523-4785 for more information. Tell us what you need and we will save you time and money.

Did You Know?

Cost-effective, versatile and environmentally-friendly, steel drums are a favored means of secure packaging as they can handle temperature and other environmental extremes without leakage. The 55-gallon container is a descendant of the wooden barrel used as early as the 3rd century AD. In fact, the ancient craft of barrel practiced by coopers making water-tight, wooden vessels held together by nothing more than the hoops that surround them continued into modern times.