Coated Steel Coils

Coated Steel Coils

Coated sheet steel products are available from our extensive range of world-class steel producers. Con-Tech galvanized steel is used for many applications including the HVAC manufacturing process for the fabrication of spiral ducts used for HVAC flow housings.

Con-Tech’s global sourcing includes coated steel coils and pre-painted metal produced by Con-Tech’s extensive range of global steel producers, many of whom are ISO certified. Con-Tech is part of a global trend as the growth rate of coated metal has exceeded the growth rates of either steel and/or aluminum production in recent years.

Con-Tech’s procurement services include coated steel coils and pre-painted metal, which are finished steel products that are wound or coiled after rolling. Then the coating material is applied on rolled metal strip in a continuous process which includes cleaning, if necessary, and chemical pre-treatment of the surface is on one or both sides followed by application of coatings, curing and/or laminating.

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Coated Steel Coils

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