Carbon Steel Plates

Carbon Steel Plates

Con-Tech’s world-class suppliers, many of which are ISO certified, offer carbon steel plates used for a wide variety of applications.

Con-Tech’s world-class suppliers, many of which are ISO certified, offer different sizes and gauges of carbon steel plate to meet your specific needs. We supply carbon steel plate, steel floor plate and coil plate in many grades, widths, and thicknesses from sources worldwide.

Con-Tech’s carbon steel floor plate is a corrosion, abrasion and skid-resistant resistant thick sheet of steel with raised lugs in various patterns. It is frequently used as a flooring or walking surface in industrial settings as it is long lasting, slip resistant and can withstand the wear of forklifts and heavy pallets.

Steel floor plate is frequently diamond shape, called “diamond plate” which increase traction in locations where slip hazards are a potential risk. Diamond plate is chosen for both traction and cosmetic appeal. Our steel floor plate requires minimal maintenance which makes it a relatively inexpensive application for innumerable locations.

Con-Tech’s steel floor plating is extremely versatile. Our steel floor plate is used as industrial flooring and in a wide variety of other applications. Con-Tech steel floor plating can be found in shipping docks, staircases, steps, ladders, ramps, elevators, walkways, corridors, trailers and trucks, trench covers, garage and storage rooms and emergency and fire trucks, to name a few industrial uses. On the cosmetic side, steel floor plate can be used in innumerable uses like displays, signs, counters, and toolboxes.

We can deliver carbon steel plate, floor plate and coil plate through several ports, to almost anywhere in North and Central America. Con-Tech’s experienced personnel help find solutions to your carbon steel plate, floor plate and coil plate problems and work with you to find the right steel for your application.

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Carbon Steel Plates

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