Stair, Ladder & Industrial Flooring

Stairway ladder industry components

Con-Tech is proud to supply the stair, ladder and industrial flooring industries with safe, practical and efficient products.

Custom Stair and Ladder Components Supplied By Global Suppliers

Our stairway, ladder and related components are manufactured by world-class global suppliers, many of whom are ISO certified. Our stair treads, stairways, staircases, steps, ladders and ladder rungs are custom manufactured to the demanding specifications of the stair and ladder industry, working towards simplicity of design and overall cost effectiveness.

Parts Supplied to Largest Manufacturer of Alternating Tread Stairs

We service the largest manufacturer and inventor of alternating tread stairs. Their innovative design allows for comfortable and secure forward-facing descents at steep angles while minimizing the overall footprint over a traditional staircase.

World Class Custom Manufacturers Provide Parts To Stair And Ladder Industry

Our world-class custom manufacturing suppliers are experienced in casting, stamping, deep drawing, CN machining, fabricating, finishes, forging, plating, anodizing, polishing, and injection molding. They handle your specifications with materials satisfying all relevant stair and ladder industry standards and consistently deliver a wide range of parts that are produced to meet challenging requirements.

Stair and Ladder Parts Satisfy All Building Code Requirements

Our stair and ladder components work in many applications and satisfy all relevant building code requirements. Using the top quality components is critical here as OSHA rules apply to all stairways and ladders used in construction, alteration, repair, painting, decorating and demolition of worksites.

As stairways and ladders can be major sources of worker injuries and fatalities, OSHA has strict rules applying to all stairways and ladders used in construction, alteration, repair, painting, decorating and demolition of worksites leading many schools, companies and other entities to implement their own compliance programs. Stair and ladder innovations are ongoing to ensure end-safety, enhanced functionality and productivity especially with the popularity of multifunctional products.

Steel Floor Plate Supplied For Industrial Flooring And Other Applications

Con-Tech also supplies steel floor plate which is extremely versatile and used in industrial flooring and as a walking surface in other applications. Our steel floor plate is a corrosion, abrasion and skid-resistant thick sheet of steel with raised lugs in various patterns. It is frequently used in industrial settings as it is long lasting, slip resistant and can withstand the wear of forklifts and heavy pallets.


“Con-Tech is not just a vendor, but has become an integral component of our supply chain and manufacturing process.”

A stair & ladder manufacturer

Steel floor plate is frequently diamond shape, called “diamond plate” which increases traction in locations where slip hazards are a potential risk. Diamond plate is chosen for both traction and cosmetic appeal. Our steel floor plate requires minimal maintenance which makes it a relatively inexpensive application as well.

Con-Tech steel floor plating can be found in shipping docks, staircases, steps, ladders, ramps, elevators, walkways, corridors, trailers and trucks, trench covers, garage and storage rooms and emergency and fire trucks, to name a few industrial uses. On the cosmetic side, steel floor plate can be used in innumerable uses like displays, signs, counters and toolboxes.

What makes Con-Tech different than other custom manufacturers is our attention to detail and our knowledge of your industry. We are tenacious and thrifty and we use our expertise to stay with you every step of the process from design, prototype, production, and import to delivery.

Products and services available to the stairway and ladder industry include but are not limited to:

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Did You Know?

Con-Tech has been importing steel products for decades. We pride ourselves on providing quality products for companies all over the world. The first major mass demand for steel came from railroad companies. Many Industries soon followed in demanding steel for their needs. Steel was first used in mass production to construct railroad tracks. While steel has been around for some time, 75% of existing steel types have been developed in the last 20 years.