Outsourcing Manufacturing

Manufacturing Outsourcing – Why
Outsourcing Manufacturing Is Overseas Manufacturing

Outsourcing manufacturing

For Your Manufacturing, Outsourcing Equals Competitive Edge.

For many businesses, time, cost, staff, machinery, facility, all contribute together or in part to reasons why they prefer not to undertake their own manufacturing. Outsourcing manufacturing becomes their logical alternative.

Outsourcing Manufacturing Problems

When in need of manufactured parts or products, global sourcing can pose some serious obstacles.

  1. Main obstacle number one is how to find the overseas manufacturing plant for the necessary part(s). Is it safe to look online? Should you attend trade shows? Which manufacturers are represented at the shows, and are they the only, or best, options? Can you trust someone overseas to do the looking for you? Is it feasible to go overseas yourself to look? If you went, where would you look? How would you get around? Do you really want to spend $2700 (NE, USA to CH in April 2011) + 14 hours (or more, depending on connections) to sit on a plane?
  2. The second main manufacturing outsourcing obstacle is which global manufacturer to trust. If you get in contact with an overseas manufacturing company, how do you kow if they’ll deliver anything? Is your deposit money secure? How do you know they really are a company, and not a con? In February 2011, the CEO and COO of Alibaba resigned when outed for aiding individual con artists to present themselves as Alibaba verified manufacturers. Alibaba is an internet resource for global manufacturers and suppliers.
  3. Manufacturing outsourcing kicks up a third obstacle: Quality. How will you know what you are about to buy is produced with quality in mind? How does your definition of quality differ from the global manufacturer’s?
  4. How about your timeline? How long will it take the proposed global manufacturer to tool up for your production?

Out of the main obstacles sprout several smaller obstacles that individual companies must surmount in their quest to find an outsource manufacturer.

Manufacturing Outsourcing Is Commonly Searched

In spite of the obstacles, there are many, many searches performed monthly online for manufacturing outsourcing.

The North American Manufacturing Outsourcing Solution

International sourcing complexities have been tackled for you. Con-Tech International Sourcing has previously verified global manufacturers’ background information and documentation has been confirmed. Our representative has visited plants and third-party inspection has tested products to confirm quality. As part of our global sourcing
procurement services, we even verify container loading information to see that what you have ordered, tested and checked is indeed what you are being shipped

We act as an extension of your own production or procurement department, bringing you high quality precision parts at a low cost.

We work exclusively with a select number of ISO-certified manufacturers in China, Taiwan, and India. Due to our custom manufacturer’s expertise, we consistently deliver a wide range of custom production requests that meet challenging requirements. Each job is crafted with pride and care that shines through in the finished part.

We make international sourcing easy.

Get a production proposal to suit your project–often within 24 hours. Give us a call at 1-504-523-4785 to speak directly with the Con-Tech global sourcing team.

If we don’t think your request can be met on your timetable or your target price, we’ll tell you immediately, or offer suggestions and alternatives that may save you money, but we routinely meet seemingly impossible criteria.

Call Con-Tech Custom at 1-504-523-4785 or email us at to learn more about the world of global sourcing possibilities designed specially for your world.