Beer Keg Necks

Beer Keg Necks

Con-Tech’s global contract manufacturing partners produce both the US “draft style” beer keg neck for nearly 100% of the beer kegs made for the US market, as well as the standard European 14 tip threaded beer keg neck. All of our beer keg necks are precision components manufactured according to very strict criteria, including special chemistry for the stainless steel, as well as adherence to strict dimensional tolerances.

Since 1996, Con-Tech has supplied forged and machined beer keg necks and accessories to satisfy the exacting standards of breweries throughout the world. They are produced by our world-class contract manufacturing partners in China, Taiwan, India and across the globe, many of whom are ISO certified. These suppliers consistently deliver a wide range of beer keg necks that meet the highest standards of manufacturing.

Our beer key necks are subjected to Statistical Process Control for certain dimensions and are stain and rust resistant as they are composed of special stainless steel. Stainless steel, an iron-containing alloy made up or two or more chemical elements, comes in more than 57 stainless steel standard alloys along with numerous proprietary alloys.

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Beer Keg Necks

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