Nylon Plugs

Nylon Plugs

Con-Tech offers a full range of nylon drum plugs which will quickly melt and pop out of the 55-gallon steel drum in case of a fire, relieving the pressure from inside the 55-gallon steel drum. Con-Tech FM approved nylon drum plugs make 55-gallon steel drums in fire situations much safer than plastic drums or plastic composite IBCs. We supply our nylon drum plugs with Poly-irradiated, BUNA or EPDM gaskets.

Con-Tech offers a wide variety of stainless steel drum closures and accessories including drum cap seals, steel drum nuts and bolts, steel drum metal ring accessoriesnylon drum plugs, and plastic drum plugsdrum plug gaskets, drum paint caps, and drum cap seal crimping tools.

Our 55-gallon steel drum bolts, nuts, lugs, and latches offer reliable, cost-effective security. Con-Tech drum cap seals are printable with your own logo, while a complete assortment of open head drum ring nuts and bolts are also available.

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Nylon Plugs

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