Glossary of Con-Tech Terms


Air Brake is a friction brake that stops a vehicle by using compressed air on a piston to apply pressure to a brake pad. Con-Tech Air Brake Fittings are made in steel or brass and used in numerous industrial applications.


Ball Valve is a one-way, quarter-turn pressure operated valve that uses a hollow, perforated pivoting ball that fits into a cup-shaped opening. Con-Tech Ball Valves offer many designs features not readily available from most valve suppliers, with a focus on Intermediate Bulk Container valves.  

Beer Keg Neck is a coupling connecting a valve to a beer keg. Con-Tech Beer Keg Necks are available in both US “draft style” and standard European 14 tpi threaded styles both of which use strict dimensional tolerances and special stainless steel chemistry. 

Boat Scupper is an opening cut through the bulwarks of a ship which allows the water on the deck of a vessel to flow overboard. Con-Tech Boat Scuppers may have boat strainers, screen-like metal covers and cockpit drains.

Bolted Ring is a looped bolt attaching an eye to a structure through which ropes or cables are tied.

Bow Choke

Bow Chock is a heavy metal casting with two bent and inward curving horn-shaped arms between which mooring ropes pass to keep a vessel in place.

Bow Cleat is a T-shaped metal marine part used to secure a rope aboard a vessel. Lines are fastened to bow cleats mounted to the ship’s deck.

Bow Roller is a wheel with a framework designed to guide an anchor line when the anchor is raised or lowered. Con-Tech Bow Rollers allow permanent anchor mounting and storage.

Brass is a metal alloy of copper and zinc that is prized for item any valuable properties which vary depending on the copper-zinc ratio. In general, all brasses are valued for their machinability or the ease with which the metal can be formed into desired shapes and forms while retaining high strength. While there are differences between brasses with high and low zinc contents, all brasses are considered malleable and ductile.

Brass Hose Adapter is a brass connector on the end of a hose used to connect it with another hose or other threaded fitting. Con-Tech Brass Hose Adapters can be used in various industrial markets and have good corrosive resistance.

Bronze is a tin alloy that has superior resistance to ammonia stress corrosion cracking compared with brass. On the whole, the higher the tin content, the higher the seawater corrosion resistance. When properly manufactured, bronze tends to corrode evenly and has little tendency to pit. Thus, bronze is used for marine hardware like cockpit drain scuppers, as well as propellers, submerged bearings, springs, bearings, gears, and fasteners.


camlock quick disconnect

Cam Lock is a cylindrical fastener designed for the IBC and Tote Tank industries.

Plastic printed cap seal

Cap Seal is a barrier preventing the leaking of hazardous liquids and powders from containers during shipment and storage. Con-Tech Cap Seals are available in steel, aluminum or plastic and can be crimped-on or snapped-on.

Carbon Steel Plate is a slab of iron with a small amount of carbon used in different industries for component construction. Carbon steel changes depending upon the amount of carbon present. Low-carbon steel is softer and less brittle than higher-carbon varieties. Low- carbon steel is the most common and cost-effective form and is malleable and ductile but has a relatively low tensile strength while medium carbon steel balances ductility and strength with good wear resistance. High-carbon steel is brittle, but possesses a very high strength, extreme hardness, resistance to wear, and moderate ductility, making it better able to be deformed without actually breaking.

Casting is a manufacturing process in which a liquid material such as metal is poured into then allowed to solidify in a mold, after which the cast part is broken from the mold. Permanent mold casting may involve sand casting, plaster or shell molding or ceramic molding. Expendable mold casting uses gravity casting, low-pressure vacuum casting or die casting. Con-Tech Casting offers significant customer cost savings through near net shapes and limited finish machining time.

Circle Blank is a manufactured, formed steel disc used in many applications like the ends of storage tanks. Con-Tech Steel Circle Blanks are flame cut and offered in various diameters and shapes.

Closed Head Drum is a drum in which the top or head of the drum is separate from the body of the drum. Lids of closed head drums are secured with rings.

2” and ¾” lined flanges (Brown)

Closures fittings are plugs and flanges used together for strength, attachment and sealing of tanks, totes, and drums. Con-Tech is the exclusive American supplier of Tite SealTM bung plugs and flanges largely for drum manufacturers and reconditioners. Con-Tech Stainless Steel Drum Closures are available in several options, including Tite Seal™ drum closures, machined stainless steel flanges and forged plugs and flanges for nitric acid drums.

Coated Steel Coil or Pre-Painted Metal are finished steel products that are wound or coiled after rolling. Then the coating material is applied on rolled metal strips in a continuous process which includes cleaning, if necessary, and chemical pre-treatment of the surface on one or both sides, followed by application of coatings, curing and/or laminating. Con-Tech Steel Coils are available in electrolyte zinc coated, electro galvanized, galvennealed and galvalume, hot-dip galvanized and aluminum-zinc alloy coated steel.

Cold forming

Cold Forming is a manufacturing process through which parts can be hit miltiple times in one die or transferred from die to die. Many shapes can be made from cold forming like screws, nuts, and bolts. Cold forming increases the hardness, yield and tensile strength of metals and forms the metal at high speed and pressure into the dies. Con-Tech Cold Forming is extremely efficient for carbon and stainless steel fastener and fitting production.


Cold Rolled Sheet Steel is made by the cold rolling process, performed below the metal’s softening temperature, whereby previously hot rolled and pickled metal is passed through cold rolls. Cold rolled steel is passed through a number of rollers, after the metal has cooled from initial production. The steel is reduced in thickness incrementally as it passes through the rollers. Cold rolled steel is thinner, smoother and stronger than hot rolled products. Cold rolled steel is distinctive due to its aesthetic appearance, having well-defined corners, more uniformity, and a smooth surface. Since the process is performed at room temperature, the steel will not shrink as it cools, as it does in the hot rolled process.


Cooperage is the business where barrels or casks are fabricated.

Crimping tool

Crimping Tool is an instrument used to conjoin two pieces of metal by deforming one or both so that they hold each other.

stamping Custom Manufacturing

Custom Manufacturing is the process whereby unique products are fabricated for a specific customer. Typically involving lower volumes of higher costs goods, custom manufacturing permits production modifications as needed and usually involves more frequent quality inspections. Accurate estimating and manufacturing fluidity are key aspects in securing a final custom manufactured product. Overall, custom manufacturing should be both cost effective and productivity enhancing. Con-Tech Custom Manufacturing can source a variety of products and processes including metal stamping, casting, machining, injection molding, cold forming, and forging.


deck_plates Marine Hardware

Deck Plate is a metal plate placed around the furnace of a marine engine in order to protect the deck.

Deep Drawing is a sheet metal punching process done by redrawing the part through a series of dies, after which the depth of the drawn part exceeds its diameter.

How to Choose the Right DEF Spout Company

Diesel Exhaust Fuel (DEF) is a mixture of 32.5% synthetic, high-purity, automotive-grade urea and  67.5% deionized water. DEF is injected into selective catalytic reduction diesel engines in buses, cars,vans, agricultural and off-road vehicles. It enhances performance by approximately 5% and transforms harmful nitrogen oxide emissions into harmless nitrogen and water. DEF is clear, non-toxic, nonflammable, non-explosive, and generally nonhazardous but needs to be filled into a dedicated DEF tank. DEF was developed after the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) began to require lower emissions in response to the major amendments to the Clean Air Act. In 2008, the EPA mandated all three-quarter-ton and larger trucks have diesel particulate filters installed. Then in 2010, the EPA required that medium and heavy-duty vehicles reduce engine emissions.

Con-Tech offers collapsible DEF spouts for deisel exhuast fluid

DEF Spout is a plastic flexible tube used to dispense Diesel Exhaust Fluid additives from a container. Con-Tech DEF Spouts are offered in standard, vented or collapsible versions. Con-Tech’s Vented DEF Spout is used to dispense diesel exhaust fluid additives typically from 1-gallon, 2-gallon, 2.5-gallon, and 5-gallon jugs and is available in 38mm, 45mm, and 63mm sizes.

drum reconditioning

Drum Reconditioning is a process whereby empty used drums are cleaned, re-shaped, assembled with the appropriate lid, ring and/or fittings, painted and recoated where needed. Con-Tech Reconditioned Drum Closures and Accessories include a full line of leak lock plugs, plug gaskets, and other related accessories.


galvanized steel

Electrogalvanized steel is a steel to which corrosion protection is added by bonding a zinc layer to it. Electrogalvanization is done when raw steel is placed into an electrolytic saline/zinc liquid and subjected to an electrically charged zinc anode and steel conductor. Current flows from the zinc anode, through the solution, and into the metal cathode. Tiny particles of zinc are dissolved in the electrolytic solution and bond to the surface of the metal. Electrogalvanized steel has layer of zinc coating and a shiny finish.

EPDM is Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, a synthetic rubber used in a range of applications including gaskets. Con-Tech offers the Voyager line of tank fittings which are available with either EPDM or Viton gaskets, and are assembled on your poly tank using 316 stainless steel studs, nuts, and lock washers.



Fastener Kits and Hardware are standard and custom bindings that mechanically join two or more objects. Con-Tech Fastener Kits and Hardware include a variety of hardware items packaged in kit form and labeled according to customer requirements.


Fittings are components and tools of various forms, sizes, shapes and materials that are used in the design, manufacture, and maintenance of industrial machinery, containers, and similar applications. Con-Tech Hose Nipple Fittings consist of short pieces of pipe, usually provided with a male pipe thread at each end, for connecting two fittings. Con-Tech Thru-Hull fittings attach through the hull of a boat and can be used to expel wastewater. Con-Tech provides Voyager Bolted Fittings, the round shape, investment cast stainless steel construction, and tight bolt pattern of which make them the most durable plastic tank fittings on the market.

Flammable safety storage container

Flammable Safety Cabinets are leak-proof manufactured containers for flammable liquids and vapors. Con-Tech Flammable Safety Cabinets Parts and closures are used to properly vent all flammable safety cabinets and are offered with a capped bung opening that allows for ventilation. They satisfy all state or local fire codes and safety regulations, company policies and insurance policies.


Forging is a metal processing procedure which deforms metal through hot, cold, or warm processes. Hot forging uses extreme heat for the deformation of metals like standard or carbon alloy steel, while cold forging is performed at or near room temperature and deforms soft metal like aluminum into the desired shape.

Flexible IBCS are Intermediate Bulk Containers that are pliant and considered most suitable option for the export of food products. Europe has highest consumption capacity of organic food products, according to Research Institute of Organic Agriculture. Shipping of these organic products from various regions will require the use of bulk bags in flexible IBCs, further strong arming the market in this region. They have relatively high shelf-life and are light in weight and have benefits over corrugated boxes. The flexible IBC also can be made of fiberboards, wood, aluminum and folding plastic.

FreezePro™ Frost Protection Systems are barriers of uniform, directional heat where it is needed most – to tanks, drums, buckets, IBC totes, and other temperature sensitive equipment. The all-in-one design of FreezePro™ is an efficient heating solution which increases equipment lifespan while giving the most cost-effective method for minimizing damage caused by harsh or freezing temperatures. FreezePro™ Frost Protection Systems are used in many of the industries served by Con-Tech. You can find these products used by industries including: Agriculture & Farm Equipment; Flavor & Fragrances; Food & Beverage; Industrial Packaging & Hardware; Intermediate Bulk Container & Tote Tank; Lubricant & Petrochemical; Pharmaceutical; Reconditioned Drum; Small Container; Stainless Steel Drum; Steel Drum and Transportation & Tank.


Wall,Galvalume steel sheet

Galvalume is a coating consisting of zinc, aluminum, and silicon that is used to protect the metal from oxidation. Con-Tech offers steel coils in electrolyte zinc coated, electro galvanized, galvennealed and galvalume, hot-dip galvanized and aluminum-zinc alloy coated steel.

galvanized steel

Galvennealed Steel is steel processed by galvanizing followed by annealing. This makes galvennealed steel easier to paint and harder and more brittle than galvanized steel. Con-Tech offers steel coils in electrolyte zinc coated, electro galvanized, galvennealed and galvalume, hot-dip galvanized and aluminum-zinc alloy coated steel.

Cylinder spuds

Gas Tank Vents are caps with a designated hole to relieve pressure as warming gasoline expands and cooling gasoline shrinks.

2" black BUNA gasket leak lock plug

Gasket is a leak preventing seal between two or more stationary pieces of a mechanical assembly. Gaskets are typically made from yielding material in order to tightly fill the space under varying pressures and temperatures. Con-Tech Drum Flange Gaskets come in both sizes 2″ and 3/4″ for the TYPE 1.



Hinges are jointed or flexible devices which allow a part such as a door or a lid to turn or pivot on a stationary item. Con-Tech Hinges are offered in a variety of materials for diverse marine applications.

Hose Nipple

Hose Nipple is a fitting consisting of a piece of pipe with two male pipe threads used to connect with other pipe fittings. Con-Tech Through-Hull Hose Nipples connect to a boat’s above- or below-waterline fittings.

coated steel galvanized steel

Hot dipped galvanized steel is made when cleaned and rinsed raw steel is placed into molten zinc at a high heat which bonds the zinc into a thick dull coating over the steel. Hot dipped galavanzed steel is used when durability and longevity are sought while electrogalvanized steel for items not expected to withstand the tests of time. Rust prevention in galvanized steel will depend both upon the nature of the zinc coating and environmental humidity. Hot dipped galvanized steel can be two to three times the cost of electrogalvanized steel as it will be more long lasting.

steel circle blanks

Hot Rolled Steel is steel which is heated to just beneath its melting point and then repeatedly subjected to rolling, making it thinner and longer. Hot rolled steel is softer and more malleable making it perfect for larger steel shapes like structural beams and rail tracks, sheet metal and parts that need to be molded into very precise or distinct shapes. Con-Tech Hot Rolled Steel can be supplied in coil form, cut to length sheets or as first operational blanks.


HVAC is heating, ventilation, and air conditioning technology providing proper interior and vehicular thermal comfort and air quality through the principles of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and heat transfer. Con-Tech galvanized steel is used in the HVAC manufacturing process for the fabrication of spiral ducts used for HVAC airflow housings.


tote tank IBC

IBC is an Intermediate Bulk Container, a cross between a drum and bulk transport, which can be moved by forklifts or pallet trucks. Con-Tech IBC and Tote Tank Closures and Accessories are a wide assortment of ball valves, bolted rings, and cam locks, as well as closures, covers, gaskets, labels, lids, fittings and vents.

Injectdion molding custom manufacturing

Injection Molding is a manufacturing process for part production through which material for the part is fed into a heated barrel, mixed and injected into a mold cavity, where it cools and hardens to the configuration of the cavity. Con-Tech Injection Molding involves carefully designing parts to achieve the maximal shape, features, and functionality of the part while making the most efficient use of the material.

ISO is the International Organization for Standardization based in Switzerland whose voluntary international standards cover a range of fields. The most common business standard is the ISO 9000 quality management standard. Con-Tech works with numerous ISO certified manufacturers throughout the world to guarantee its customers the highest levels of quality.


Just In Time (JIT) Delivery

Just-In-Time (JITDelivery is an inventory management system offered by Con-Tech through which production typically only begins with a customer order and inventory stock is only delivered as needed.


beer keg necks

Keg Caps are small plastic tops covering keg neck openings. They perform a vital function in protecting the valve from debris build up leading to mold and potential product ruination.



Leak Lock Plug System is a system offered by Con-Tech to alleviate alignment problems, assure a quality seal and prevent flange leakage in drum incineration where needed.

Lubricant is an oil, grease or similar substance used to reduce friction in machines, engines and related items.

Lubricant is an oil, grease or similar substance used to reduce friction in machines, engines and related items.


Casting is one of processes providing custom manufactured goods for Con-Tech customers

Machining is a controlled removal process known as subtractive manufacturing in which a piece of raw material is cut into a desired final shape and size. Con-Tech Precision Machining offers numerous processes to achieve high tolerance parts for demanding industries including milling, turning, EDM, gear hobbing, Swiss machining and surface grinding.

Fabricated bracket

Metal Fabrication is the creation of metal parts and structures from various metals through cutting, bending and assembling. Con-Tech Metal Fabrication offers numerous processes to a host of industries.

Metal Finishing

Metal Finishing is the process of improving the durability and/or appearance of a metal object’s surface. Con-Tech Metal Finishing offers carbon steel and bronze or brass part finishes including zinc or chrome plating as well as anodized or sandblasted finishes.

Metal Stamping Custom Manufacturing

Metal Stamping is single or multiple stage manufacturing processes whereby cold metal sheets are formed into net shapes. Con-Tech Metal Stamping can include punching, machine or stamp pressing, blanking, embossing, bending, flanging, and coining.

Mooring Bitts

Mooring Bitt is a system for fastening ropes or cables whereby a post or pair of posts is mounted on the ship’s bow.


Stainless Steel Name Plates - Marine Hardware - Con-Tech International

Name Plate manufacturing can include several processes such as sheet prep, litho, screening, coating, punch press and inspection.



OEM is an original equipment manufacturer, a company that makes things from component parts bought from other companies.

Outsource Manufacturing

Outsourcing is a cost-cutting measure involving hiring third parties to provide goods and services traditionally provided by the company. Con-Tech Global Outsourcing provides standard and custom parts of carbon steel, stainless steel, and plastic for industrial packagings such as drums, IBC’s, tote tanks, and plastic containers.


Paint Cap

Paint Caps are barriers used to prevent drum closure contamination during the painting process. Con-Tech Paint Caps are available in nylon, aluminum, and steel.

Plastic Drum Storage Containers

Plastic Drums are cylindrical containers made of a variety of materials including polyvinyl choride (PVC), chemical resistant high-density polyethylene (HDPE), nylon, and polystyrene. What will be shipped in the drum determines the material used in its manufacturing.

Polycarbonate is a high-performance lightweight plastic which is popular by being virtually unbreakable and extremely clear while providing 100% protection from harmful UV rays as well as chemical and heat resistance.

Precisio Components

Precision Components are items used in various applications that are highly engineered and made to vary minimally from set standards.

Precision Machining

Precision Machining is a technical, subtractive manufacturing or product restoration process where the material is removed from plastic, ceramic, metal, glass or other items to create a finished product requiring close tolerances.

Poly Tank Accessories

Polyethylene Tanks, called Poly Tanks, are industrial storage and transit containers. They are made with highly durable, chemical-resistant resins of either high-density linear polyethylene (HDLPE) or high density cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) through a process known as rotational molding, the benefits of each having been tested. Poly tanks are used for various liquids like water, pesticides, and fertilizer. They are economical, widely available containers that are lightweight with easy handling and corrosion-resistant. They are available in various designs and sizes are considered relatively impact resistant. The poly material used, as well as how the poly tank has been maintained, used and stored, determine its useful life.


Ranco ETC Single State Temperature Control-Nema Type 4X is a microprocessor-based electronic temperature control designed to provide on/off control for commercial heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and refrigeration. The ETC is equipped with a liquid crystal display (LCD) that provides a constant readout of the sensed temperature, and a touch keypad that allows the user to easily and accurately select the set point temperature, differential and heating/cooling mode of operation. The ETC NEMA Type 4X control can accept either 120 or 208/240 VAC input power. It is used in conjunction with FreezePro™ Frost Protection Systems.

Reconditioning Thickness for Steel Drums is the minimum gauge set by federal regulators for reconditioning or recycling of steel drums. As of now steel drums constructed for re-use (per CFR 173.28) must have minimum wall thicknesses of 0.92 mm or 20 gauge.

The rigid IBC is an Intermediate Bulk Container that is inflexible and made of metal, plastic or a composite. Most rigid IBCs have a built-in valve through which the contents can be poured. Rigid IBC totes feature integrated pallet bases with dimensions that are generally near the common pallet standard dimension. These pallet bases are designed for universal maneuverability.

Rolling hoops are the ribs at both the top and bottom of a barrel as well as at each third of the barrel’s height.


Smart Farming is a method of farming that integrates modern technology into farming tasks through various means of automation that increases farm efficiency such as using farm robots and drones.

Snap on Cap Seals

Snap-On Cap Seals are closures that can be crimped or snapped on over drum plugs and flanges to protect against tampering, contamination, and spills. Con-Tech’s Tite-Seal™ Cap Seals may be custom printed and colored and are available in tin-plated steel and high-density polyethylene.  

Sprial Ducts

Spiral Ducts are specialized metal housings employed for HVAC airflow. Con-Tech galvanized steel is used for many applications in the HVAC manufacturing process for the fabrication of spiral ducts used for HVAC airflow housings.

Stainless steel

Stainless Steel is an iron-containing metal alloy made up of two or more chemical elements. It comes in more than 57 stainless steel alloys along with numerous proprietary alloys.

steel floor plating

Steel floor plate is a corrosion, abrasion and skid-resistant resistant thick sheet of steel with raised lugs in various patterns, frequently diamond shape, which increase traction. Minimal maintenance requirements make steel floor plate a relatively inexpensive application for innumerable locations. Steel floor plate is used industrial flooring and a wide variety of other applications including staircases, steps, ladders, ramps, elevators, walkways, corridors, trailers and trucks, trench covers, garage and storage rooms and emergency and fire trucks. Con-Tech’s steel floor plate is extremely versatile and is used in many locations where slip hazards are a potential risk.

Steel Drum Contents may vary fromchemicals,food, oil, water and wine, to nuclear waste. Given their structural integrity, steel drum may store or transport bulk liquids, powders and solids, as well as hazardous materials.

Steel Drum Gauge is the thickness of the steel with which the steel drum is made. The standards thickness of a steel drum is between 0.9 and 1.5 mm (20-16 gauge steel). However, some steel drums can be made with walls as thin as 0.6 mm (24 gauge).

Steel Drum Life is the number of times a steel drum can be reconditioned or recycled. A steel drum may be reconditioned up to six times and maintain its certification depending upon the thickness of the steel and the propriety of its handling and reconditioning.

Steel Drum Specifications and Dimensions are the particulars of each drum which can vary. The industry standard is the 55-gallon steel drum which holds an average of 55 gallons or 208 liters of materials, though the exact amount varies with the exact composition and design of the barrel. The standard thickness of the steel is between 0.9 and 1.5 mm (20-16 gauge steel) although some steel drums can be made with walls as thin as 0.6 mm (24 gauge). Typically, drums are 33.5 Inches/851 mm tall with a standard diameter of 22.5 in/572 mm, though some designs may be narrower and taller.

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management is the process of overseeing the transformation of material into finished goods including product development, sourcing, production, and logistics, as well as the information systems needed to coordinate these activities. This process enhances customer satisfaction by improving efficiency and adding value by eliminating unnecessary costs and coordinating relevant processes and procedures. Con-Tech Supply Chain Management maximizes customer service, value, and efficiency.


Why Use JIT Delivery for Industrial Packaging

Tank is a large vessel for holding, transporting or storing liquids or gas. Tanks can vary in types from tank cars, storage tanks, marine and aquatic tanks, to cisterns and water tanks, gas tanks, reservoirs, sumps and water towers to name a few.

Thru Hull

Thru-Hull is a fitting made to accept pipes, hoses, or valves and allow water to pass in or out of a vessel. Con-Tech Thru Hulls can be manufactured in stainless steel or are chrome plated.

Tight Head Drum is a drum in which the top or head of the drum is permanently attached to the body.

Tite-Seal™ is a brand of closures and other items sold by Con-Tech.

Tiller arm

Tiller Arm is a mechanism used to steer a boat.

Crimping tools capseals

Torque is the rotational equivalent of linear force. While linear force is a push or a pull, torque can be thought of as a twist to an object.

transom exhaust

Transom Exhaust is a valve flap system for engine exhaust and flooding protection.

Technology and Packaging is always changing. Technology offers many new avenues to the packaging industries served by Con-Tech. We are constantly working with our cutting-edge suppliers to help our various customers work with these technological advances.


viton gasket

Viton is a brand of FKM, a synthetic rubber and fluoropolymer elastomer used in molded or extruded items like gaskets. Con-Tech offers the Voyager line of tank fittings which are available with either EPDM or Viton gaskets, and are assembled on poly tanks using 316 stainless steel studs, nuts, and lock washers.

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Did You Know?

Con-Tech supplies the food, flavoring and fragrance industries with a menu of products manufactured to satisfy the highest industry standards. Our products from world-class suppliers in China, Taiwan, India and elsewhere contribute to the packaging of natural flavorings and oils used in things ranging from oral care to chewing gum, to foods and pharmaceuticals. Con-Tech food products are as diverse as forged and machined beer keg necks and sanitary pumps used in the highly regulated food area.

That makes our food, flavoring and fragrance customers an extremely varied group with an amazing range of items for your shopping cart. Con-Tech customers offer organic maple syrup or bourbon whiskey; a barrel of beer or peppermint essential oil. You can also purchase innovative skin care products or elderberry apple shots. But be sure to time your trip carefully or you will find them tied up with their next project like harvesting helichrysum, perfecting a fine perfume or blending a batch of rye whiskey!