Voyager™ Portable Tank Fittings

Tank Fittings for Poly Tanks

portable tank fittings

Con-Tech is your one-stop source for Voyager™ ball valve fittings and tote valves and portable tank fittings. The industry’s most complete line of stainless and carbon steel IBC products is brought from our worldwide list of manufacturers, many of which are ISO-certified, directly to you.

It is interesting to understand the basics of how a ball valve works. A ball valve is a one-way, quarter-turn pressure operated valve that uses a hollow, perforated pivoting ball that fits into a cup-shaped opening. Con-Tech Voyager™ Ball Valve fittings offer many design features not readily available from most valve suppliers, with a focus on IBC valves.

The Growing IBC Market

Serving the IBC industry has been a growing business as the IBC is a preferred form of global packaging. According to one research study, the IBC market is set to cross a US $10 billion market soon as the packaging industry shifts away from plastics and plastic-based composites, with 80% of the IBC market being the food and beverage, industrial chemical, and building and construction industries.

As an outsource manufacturer to the IBC industry and others, Con-Tech can supply Stainless Steel Ball Valves, Brass Ball Valves, Voyager Ball Valves and any tank valves made to your own requirements and at wholesale prices. The many benefits of outsource manufacturing are well established. Con-Tech outsource manufacturing customers purchase from experts who both know the most efficient ways to create the parts and can create the highest quality parts possible. Relying on expert outsource manufacturing to obtain these parts results in higher quality parts than if they were made in house. And our customers save money as they don’t have to invest in equipment or train-related personnel.

The Con-Tech Difference

What makes Con-Tech different from other outsource manufacturing companies is our attention to detail and our knowledge of your industry. We are tenacious and thrifty and we use our expertise to stay with you every step of the process from design, prototype, production, and import to delivery.

For more information on how we can help your business with its ball valve and other needs, click the RFQ button, email or call us today at 1-504-523-4785.