Injection Molding

Con-Tech’s outsource manufacturing offers customers injection molding products from ISO certified partners in China, Taiwan, India and elsewhere using a variety of materials including metal, glass, and plastic.

Con-Tech’s outsource manufacturing offers customers injection molding products from partners in China, Taiwan, India and elsewhere, many of whom are ISO certified, using a variety of materials including metal, glass, and plastic.  Con-Tech’s injection molding suppliers produce industrial packaging through a manufacturing process through which material is fed into a heated barrel, mixed and injected into a mold cavity, where it cools and hardens to the configuration of the cavity.

Our procurement services for injection molding involve the careful design of parts to achieve the maximal shape, features, and functionality of the part while making the most efficient use of the material. This allows the consistent delivery of a wide range of injection molding parts that are produced to meet challenging requirements.

Molds are usually fabricated of steel or aluminum and precision-machined into the required form.  All injection molded parts are inspected to ensure dimensional accuracy and adherence to your expectations. We strive to put an unlimited range of cost-effective injection molding capabilities at your disposal.

Advantages of Con-Tech’s Global Sourcing for Injection Molding

Con-Tech handles all of your injection molding needs so you do not have to divert limited resources away from your core product. And you do not need to navigate the language barriers, cultural differences, fluctuating exchange rates and trade restrictions that can make procurement outsourcing of injection molding frustrating.

Precision components, industrial packaging and other parts produced by Con-Tech’s injection molding suppliers in China, Taiwan, India and elsewhere manufacture parts at a very high level with a high output rate that helps cost efficiency. They have higher levels of automation, lower production costs per unit and faster cycle times. Con-Tech injection molding suppliers can achieve close tolerances on smaller, more intricate parts which allows for a much higher degree of part consistency.

Our precision components, industrial packaging, and other parts require little work after the production due to their finished appearance when ejected from the injection molds. Due to the high pressure on the plastic injection molds, a larger amount of details may be added into the design of the part and intricate shapes can easily be designed and manufactured.

Procurement Outsourcing for Injection Molding & Your Industry

Con-Tech can help companies in many different industries with procurement outsourcing their injection molding needs. Con-Tech services can span a range of industries whether automotive; beer and brewery; building and construction; chemical; consumer products; containers; food, fragrances and beverage; industrial packaging; intermediate bulk container and tote tanks; marine and shipbuilding; oil and gas; packaging; stairways and ladders; steel and plastic drum; transportation; or numerous others.

As a global parts supplier for injection molding Con-Tech can supply all of your injection molding needs. Click the RFQ button, email or call us today at 1-504-523-4785.

Did You Know?

Custom manufacturing is essential to the future of manufacturing. Production is rapidly shifting toward flexible, automated workstations enabling even small manufacturers to take advantage of technology.