Carbon Steel Plate & Coil Plate


Con-Tech’s global sourcing supplies carbon steel plates & coil plate  in many grades, widths, and thicknesses. Carbon steel plate is extremely durable and used in manufacturing gears, screws, bolts, and other components for busy production machinery allowing it to operate for longer periods  without hardware maintenance. Carbon steel plate also can be used in construction, and in durable storage containers that can last for decades.

Con-Tech can deliver carbon steel plates & coil plate through several ports, to almost anywhere in North and Central America. Con-Tech also specializes in sourcing custom manufacturing of high-quality stainless steel and specialty metal components.

Carbon steel changes depending upon the amount of carbon present. Low-carbon steel is softer and less brittle than higher-carbon varieties. Low- carbon steel is the most common and cost-effective form and is malleable and ductile but has a relatively low tensile strength while medium carbon steel balances ductility and strength with good wear resistance. High-carbon steel is brittle, but possesses a very high strength, extreme hardness, resistance to wear, and moderate ductility, making it better able to be deformed without actually breaking.

Why Using Con-Tech Works

Con-Tech built its reputation on reliably delivering carbon steel plate & coil plateManufacturers can choose this shipped directly from the mill to their plant or can arrange for JIT delivery by drawing from Con-Tech Steel’s large inventory.  We use our procurement services to ensure that products are only received when needed for outgoing JIT orders. Therefore, Con-Tech’s JIT allows our customers to realize savings on inventory costs, warehouse space, and related personnel. Our JIT customers enjoy enhanced profits as they can direct their resources to products for which their end users express more regular, immediate needs.

Our JIT procurement outsourcing also facilitates speedier order fulfillment, a key feature in today’s world where customer demand for same- and next-day delivery and other features has grown. Con-Tech’s JIT system, like all of our procurement services, is flexible and responsive as we keep close contact with our customers and the marketplace. Throughout the JIT process and other procurement processes, Con-Tech streamlines each customer’s purchase and delivery experience with consistent and reliable service so that customer expectations can be more accurately forecast and their demands met in a timely fashion. 

Con-Tech Searches the Marketplace for Steel

As a long-time global parts supplier specializing in imports, Con-Tech has strong relationships with ISO certified global manufacturers. Our logistics expertise allow us to master the recent changes in American tariff regulations and handle all of the issues with global sourcing for our customers.

Con-Tech is always searching the marketplace for new suppliers as global steelmaking capacity has increased in recent years. Asia and the Middle East are leading the way in new steelmaking operations but, Bolivia, Namibia and Mozambique are also expected to see the start-up of their first steel plants during the 2021-23 period.

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