Stainless Steel Marine Hardware & Brass Marine Hardware

Contech makes Marine Hardware

Marine manufacturers and distributors choose Con Tech Marine Hardware as their source for custom-made wholesale parts.

Contract Manufactured Marine Hardware

  • Bronze, stainless steel and brass manufacturing
  • Casting, polishing, plating, assemblies
  • Finishing and secondary operations to meet your unique nautical needs

Marine Hardware For Your Specific Need

Every project begins with our listening to learn about your manufacturing needs, spending time in advance to fully understand your product specifications and the target price of your marine hardware needs. With this knowledge Con Tech Marine can quote your job and provide you with a manufacturing plan accurately and quickly, usually within 24 hours!

Due to the exacting specifications required in sea worthy parts, Con Tech Marine Hardware Division works exclusively with a limited number of carefully screened, ISO-certified, world class boat parts manufacturers.

The Con Tech Marine Hardware team stays with you through the whole process. From concept through design, prototyping, full production, import and delivery, we make sure there are no unwanted surprises. If we don’t think your boat parts can be made on your timetable or at your target price, we’ll tell you immediately. That being said, we routinely meet seemingly impossible criteria.

See the wide array of products that Con Tech Marine Hardware Division has had manufactured. It all starts with your product specification or drawing and we take it from there.

Welcome to the world of global possibilities designed specially for the nautical world.

For more information on how we can help with your manufacturing needs, call us at 504-523-1864.