Bung Caps & IBC Closures

ibc closures- bung-plugs and steel caps

Con-Tech offers Bung Caps and other Closures fittings. These closure fittings are plugs and flanges used together for strength, attachment and sealing of tanks, totes, and drums. Con-Tech is the exclusive American supplier of Tite SealTM bung plugs and flanges largely for drum manufacturers, drum reconditioners and the IBC industry. Con-Tech Stainless Steel Drum Closures are in stock now and available in several options, including Tite Seal™ drum closures, machined stainless steel flanges and forged plugs and flanges for nitric acid drums.

Installation of the Tite Seal™ bung plug by means of an insertion die is an economical alternative to welding flanges. We supply the IBC industry with standard hex plugs and round weld flanges, which are available from stock. Buna, EPDM, Irradiated Polyethylene, Teflon, Viton, and White Neoprene gasket materials are available.

Bung Plugs and Flanges

Con-Tech bung caps (bung plugs and flanges) are in stock now. Email info@con-techinternational.com, or call 1-504-523-4785 or click here to order today.

We also stock stainless steel drum closures.