55 Gallon Containers Accessories

55 gal drums require Con-Tech specifically manufactured accessories

Drum Accessories and Closures

Welcome to the world of 55 gallon containers. Cap seals, bolts and nuts are all in stock and ready for immediate delivery.

55 gal drums are perfectly fitted by Con-Tech Container Accessories’ years of experience supplying closures to steel drum manufacturers.

What’s Stored In Your 55 Gallon Containers?

Both weld on and mechanically inserted flanges are available for applications from light chemicals to highly corrosive acids. A sufficient variety of plug gasket materials are stocked with the closures to achieve compatibility with a wide range of products commonly stored in 55 gal drums.

55 Gallon Containers Parts & Accessories

For your 55 gal drums and other sized steel storage container drums, Con-Tech stocks


55 gallon steel drum closures

Since 1983, Con-Tech has been offering low cost Tite Seal™ drum closures for the reconditioning of 55 gallon storage drums.

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Nylon Plugs

Nylon Plugs

Find out why you should be using Con-Tech nylon poly plugs for reconditioning your 55 gallon drums. We can supply various sizes of Factory Mutual FIRE RATED plastic drum plugs made of Nylon and Polypropylene.

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Cap Seals


Our Tite-Seal™ cap seal is available in tin-plated steel and polyethylene as crimp or snap over drum plugs and flanges. You can even get your logo printed on them.

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Crimping Tools


We carry manual and pneumatic crimping tools for crimp-on capseals. You can get them for 2″ and 3/4″ TITE SEAL metal or plastic capseals that crimp onto 55 gallon drums.

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Leak Lock Plugs

Leak-Lock Storage Drum Plug System

Our two piece Leak Lock™ plugs work together as a system to plug storage drums. No need for the typical three piece system that uses a gasket, retaining ring, and hexagon plug.

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Gaskets and Flanges


You can get a variety of drum flange gaskets from Contech.

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Bolts, Nuts, Lugs

Storage container drum hardware

Our Bolts, nuts, lugs and latches are carbon steel and manufactured using ANSI standards. You can get a variety of sizes.

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If your company has other needs for 55 gal drums or other containers, please call us at 1-504-523-4785.