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Con-Tech provides steel mill products for steel drums and other applications including cold-rolled, galvanized, tin plate coils, as well as blanks from hot and cold rolled and steel plates. We also provide steel for steel tanks which have a long, interesting history dating back to their development in the Nineteenth Century following the discovery of oil. In the intervening years there have been numerous changes in the storage of hazardous and flammable liquids. Corrosion control, secondary containment, leak detection, and fire protection are common design elements of tanks today. And government regulations have changed the tank industry, especially the Environmental Protection Agency when tanks for things like wastewater treatment are concerned.

The steel drum market is projected to grow 4.27% between 2021 to 2028 with North America dominating the market due in part to increased demand for food. Whether carbon steel or stainless steel, steel drums are highly sought-after as a packaging solution across various industries as they are recyclable, safe, cost-effective, easy to handle, and with excellent fire resistance properties. Stainless steel drums last longer and are not prone to rust or contamination. They are also durable, impart no flavor to wine and are easy to clean making them a favorite of winemakers.

We built our reputation on reliably delivering flat roll steel products when you need them, shipped directly from the mill to your plant or JIT delivery by drawing from our inventory from world-class suppliers, many of whom are ISO certified.

Con-Tech is constantly searching the marketplace for new steel suppliers as global steelmaking capacity has increased in recent years. Asia and the Middle East are leading the way but, Bolivia, Namibia and Mozambique are also expected to see the start-up of their first steel plants in the 2021-23 period.

Today Con-Tech imports, exports and distributes many flat roll steel products including:

Hot Rolled Steel Coils

Crane-with-hot-rolled-steel-coil in a variety of grades

We supply our high-quality coils to exact customer specification, in a wide variety of grades and thicknesses from both international sources and domestic sources.

Hot-rolled steel is best used for structural components and other applications where precise shapes and tolerances are unnecessary.

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Steel Plates

Carbon steel plate and coil plate in a variety of grades, wides and thicknesses

Con-Tech supplies carbon steel plates & coil plate available in many grades, widths, and thickness, as well as different sizes and gauges to meet your needs.

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Cold Rolled Steel Coils

Cold Rolled Steel Coils from world-class steel producers

Cold-rolled sheet steel is sourced from various world-class steel producers, both domestic and foreign.

Cold rolled steel, in turn, is significantly stronger than hot rolled steel with an improved surface finish, allows for tighter tolerances and different thickness reducing options.

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Galvanized Steel Coils

Galvanized Steel Coils available in zinc coated, hot dip galvanized and aluminum zinc.

Coated Sheet Steel product offerings are available from our extensive range of steel producers. These products are available in electrolyte zinc coated, hot dip galvanized and aluminum zinc alloy coated steel.

Galvanized steel in particular is among the most popular steel types because of its extended durability, strength, formability and corrosion resistance.

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Steel Floor Plates

We carry different sizes and gauges of carbon steel floor plates to meet your specific needs.

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Cold Rolled Steel Circle Blanks

Cold Rolled Steel Circle Blanks for 55-gallon steel drums

Our cold rolled steel circle blanks are used as the tops and bottoms of 55-gallon steel drums. We use varied cold rolled cold coils steel suppliers and domestic blanking facilities.

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Circle Plate Blanks

Con-Tech offers both standard and over-sized diameter circle plate blanks, flame cut to ensure smooth edges, used as the ends of storage tanks.

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Flat Roll Sheet Steel U.S. Ports

Ports of Entry in the United States:

  • New Orleans
  • Houston
  • New York
  • Savannah
  • Baltimore
  • Long Beach
  • Oakland
  • Philidelphia

Looking for sheet steel or metal products other than steel discs and blanks? Con-Tech Custom specializes in sourcing custom manufactured high-quality stainless steel and specialty metal components.

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Did You Know?

Con-Tech has been importing steel products for decades. We pride ourselves on providing quality products for companies all over the world. The first major mass demand for steel came from railroad companies. Many Industries soon followed in demanding steel for their needs. Steel was first used in mass production to construct railroad tracks. While steel has been around for some time, 75% of existing steel types have been developed in the last 20 years.


A Closed Head Drum is a drum in which the top or head of the drum is separate from the body of the drum. Lids of closed head drums are secured with wings.

A Tight Head Drum is a drum in which the top or head of the drum is permanently attached to the body.

Rolling hoops are the ribs at both the top and bottom of a barrel as well as at each third of the barrel’s height.

The 55-gallon steel drum holds an average of 55 gallons or 208 liters of material, though the exact amount varies with the exact composition and design of the barrel.

Typically, a 55-gallon steel drum is 33.5 in/851 mm tall with a standard diameter of 22.5 in/572 mm, though some designs may be narrower and taller.

The particulars of each drum can vary. The industry standard thickness of the steel is between 0.9 and 1.5 mm (20-16 gauge steel) although some steel drums can be made with walls as thin as 0.6 mm (24 gauge).

Steel drum contents may vary from chemicals, food, oil, water and wine, to nuclear waste. Given their structural integrity, steel drum may store or transport bulk liquids, powders and solids, as well as hazardous materials.

The reconditioning thickness for steel drums is the minimum gauge set by federal regulators for reconditioning or recycling of steel drums. As of now, steel drums constructed for re-use (per CFR 173.28) must have minimum wall thicknesses of 0.92 mm or 20 gauge.

Steel drum life is the number of times a steel drum can be reconditioned or recycled. A steel drum may be reconditioned up to six times and maintain its certification depending upon the thickness of the steel and the propriety of its handling and reconditioning.