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IBC Components from Contek

IBC Accessories for Tote Tanks

Con-Tech supplies several IBC accessories, manufactured to Con-Tech’s exacting specifications to ensure leak-free performance.

Con-Tech is your one-stop source for Voyager ball valves and fittings. The industry’s most complete line of stainless and carbon steel IBC products is brought directly from our exclusive ISO-certified manufacturer to you. We are a trusted source of component parts to most of the nation’s tote tank manufacturers.

IBC Accessories In Stock

Ball Valves

Ball Valves

The industry’s most complete line of precisely manufactured ball valves made of stainless steel or brass. A large variety of sizes are available, with standard and reverse handles, specifically designed for tote tanks. Read about ball valves…  

Poly Tank Fittings

Tote Tank Fittings

Voyager bolted tank fittings’ round shape, investment cast stainless steel construction, and tight bolt pattern make these the most durable plastic tank fittings on the market. Available with EDPM or Viton gaskets. Read about poly tank fittings…  

Stainless Drum Closure Systems

IBC Closure Systems

Stainless steel closure options, including Tite Seal™, stamped drum closures, machined stainless steel flanges (used with Tite Seal plugs), and forged plugs and flanges for nitric acid drums. Read about Stainless Drum closure systems…  

Bung Plugs

IBC bung plugs

Con-Tech International is the exclusive supplier of Tite Seal™ drum bung plugs and flanges, used by American container manufacturers and reconditioners. Standard stainless steel hex plugs and round weld flanges are also available from stock. Read about IBC bung plugs…  

Cam Lock Couplings

Cam Lock Couplings Cam and Groove Fittings

Made to MIL-C-27487 (A-A-59326) by our ISO 9000 certified cam lock manufacturing partners in China. Available in stainless steel and polypropylene. Read about cam lock couplings…  

IBC Pipe Fittings

IBC Pipe Fittings

Stainless steel elbows, nipples, sweep elbows and other pipe fittings made for tote tanks. Read about IBC pipe fittings…  

IBC Lids & Components


Con-Tech IBC brings to Tote tank manufacturers and users high precision IBC components, including IBC lids. These products are produced under strict quality control procedures by our ISO-9000 certified manufacturing partners. Read about IBC lids & components…  

Composite and Plastic IBC Parts


In addition to our comprehensive line of OEM and replacement parts for metal IBCs, we offer an ever-expanding product line of parts for composite and plastic IBCs. Our poly ball valves are available in multiple inlet and outlet configurations suitable for all container types in the market. We have the valves and other parts you need for Totes manufactured by Schutz, Mauser, Greif, and others. We also carry a complete line of poly adapters and fittings to cross from one thread standard to another or to a cam lock connection. Other components, such as lids, gaskets, and plugs are available. Call us. We can help you determine what part is needed for your Tote so that you can get it back into service as quickly as possible.

Custom Metalcraft Inc.

Having many years experience as a parts source for intermediate bulk container manufacturers, in conjunction with our ISO-certified manufacturing partners, we can assure you that your IBC (tote tank) accessories will be manufactured to Con-Tech’s exacting specifications to ensure leak-free performance.

Leak-Free IBC Accessories

Our IBC accessories are fully tested for compliance to quality standards before shipment to Con-Tech’s customers.

Don’t see what you are looking for? Need a part made? Click the RFQ button, email info@con-techinternational or call us at 1-504-523-1864 for IBC and Custom products.