Drum Flange Gaskets

Gaskets for drum flanges

Drum Flange & Plug Gaskets for Tite-SealTM

Con-Tech offers a variety of drum flange gaskets. We carry them in both sizes 2″ and 3/4″ for the TYPE 1 plugs. Among the drum flange gaskets, we offer are Black Buna, EPDM and Poly-irradiated made with the finest material in the market. Viton, Teflon, and Neoprene are also available.

Minimum Order Quantities: 2″ = 5,000/box; 3/4″ = 10,000/box.

Drum Flange TYPE 1

We also carry some drum flange gaskets for the TYPE 1 Flanges.

Poly Plug Drum Flange Gasket

A new product for our Tite Seal™ gasket line is EPDM gaskets for Poly Plugs. These gaskets are for Poly Plugs used on the poly or plastic drums.