Boat Strainers & Scuppers

Strainers and scuppers for boats

Scupper Drain or Boat Strainers

Con-Tech supplies rectangular scoop, scoop, and round boat strainers available in different sizes and with either stainless or brass screens. We are capable of supplying a variety of boat strainers, cockpit drain scuppers, and other similar items from castings in both stainless and bronze.

Cockpit drains allow for water to flow through to pipes that run under the deck and out to waiting scuppers that usher the water out to sea.

Scuppers, Cockpit Drain, Boat Strainers Terminology

  • Scupper is a drain that allows water on the deck of a vessel to flow overboard.
  • Cockpit Drain is a drain in the cockpit area of the boat.
  • Boat Strainers are screen like metal covers of scuppers and cockpit drains.

Custom Made Scupper Drain Items

Con-Tech can supply individual lines of scupper, cockpit drain, or scupper drain items. Click the RFQ, email or call with your specifications at 1-504-523-4785.