Drum Closures & Container Accessories

Con-Tech procurement services offer a wide variety of drum closures and accessories for 55-gallon steel drums

Con-Tech procurement services offer a wide variety of drum closures and accessories for 55-gallon steel drums which we exclusively supply in the Americas for Technocraft Industries (India) Ltd., an ISO 9002 certified worldwide supplier of  Tite-Seal™ plugs and Tite-Seal™ flanges. We also have steel drum nuts, bolts, lugs, latches, steel drum metal ring accessoriesnylon drum plugs, plastic drum plugs, drum plug gaskets, leak lock plugsdrum paint caps, printable drum cap seals and drum cap seal crimping tools. Con-Tech’s wide range of drum closures and container accessories offers reliable cost-effective security for all of your 55-gallon steel drums.

Plastics come in thousands of varieties with different base chemistries, derivatives, and additives that are formulated to cover a wide range of functional and aesthetic properties. When selecting a manufacturing process for a plastic product companies consider the form, volume, lead time and material needed for the project.

Using the Correct Drum Closures

Using the correct drum closures and accessories is critical as the area is strictly regulated. Organizations of manufacturers of reconditioned and new steel, plastic, and fiber drums, as well as intermediate bulk containers, work hard on their members’ compliance. Manufacturers of new industrial packaging and their North American suppliers do the same while emphasizing the importance of safety and reliability.

The 55-gallon steel drum is the container size commonly available in the United States.  Closed head 55-gallon steel drums are used for liquids like chemicals, petroleum, and other easily drained substances. Open head 55-gallon steel drums with their removable lids are more commonly used for solids and thicker liquids.

Steel drum closures and container accessories are devices used to seal these 55-gallon steel drums in order to protect the contents against air, dirt, liquid and other contaminants during transportation and storage. Steel drum closures also maintain the shelf life of the contents and provide a means of reclosing and reusing the steel drum. The 55-gallon container closures are covered with cap seals to prevent tampering and further protect the contents.

Steel drums in various sizes and configurations have many practical uses in industry. They also have been used in many other ways including as housing supports, musical instruments, rain barrels and barbeque drums.

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