Drum Closures & Container Closures

Container Closures by Contech

Since 1983, Con-Tech International has been supplying our own Tite-Seal™ Closures brand of drum closures and container closures to the steel drum industry and to IBC manufacturers and reconditioners. If you seek a drum closures company able to produce your industrial parts for your inventory, or JIT, keep in mind our closures are supplied to numerous countries worldwide.

Stainless Steel Drum Closures


Con-Tech has many years of experience as a parts supplier of closures to stainless steel drum and pail manufacturers. Both weld-on and mechanically inserted flanges are available for applications from light chemicals to highly corrosive acids. A sufficient variety of plug gasket materials are stocked with the closures in order to achieve compatibility with a large range of products.

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IBC Closures

ibc closures- bung-plugs and steel caps

Manufacturers, distributors, and end-users of stainless and carbon steel IBCs have relied on Con-Tech-supplied parts for many years. We are the home of the Voyager LN-190 ball valve, the Tote valve standard that is in use in multiple liquid handling activities across many industries. The Voyager ball valve is synonymous with leak-free performance and is available from stock. We also are knowledgeable of the many parts and accessories that are in use on metal tanks and very often have the needed parts in our stock. Read about IBC closures …  

Drum Closures for Steel Drums


Con-Tech is the exclusive industrial parts supplier in the Americas for Technocraft Industries (India) Ltd., an ISO 9002 certified industrial manufacturing company, producing drum closures, capseals, gaskets, and drum flange insertion dies. A complete assortment of nuts and bolts for open head drum rings is available as well. Read about drum closures …  

Flammable Safety Cabinet Parts

Flammable Safety Cabinet Parts

Our customers use our closures to create ventilation on all of their flammable safety cabinets for those users that may be required to vent by their state or local fire codes and safety regulations, company policies, insurance policies or other local authorities. Read about flammable safety cabinet parts …