Cap Seal

A security cap seal will assure maximum protection for drummed products.

Cap Seals with logo

Tite-Seal™ Cap Seal

Con-Tech’s Tite-Seal™ cap seal is available in tin-plated steel and polyethylene, crimp or snap over drum plugs and flanges to provide maximum protection against tampering, contamination, and spills. Custom printing adds brand impact.

Minimum Order Quantities vary by materials below. For printed cap seals please call for minimums.

Steel Security Cap Seal

Our steel security cap seal is made of quality tin-plated steel which is precisely formed, lined with a chemical resistant lacquer and fitted with a heat-cured vinyl gasket.

Minimum Order Quantities: 2″ Steel = 500/box; 3/4″ steel = 1000/box.

A white enamel exterior is standard and multi-color custom litho printing is available.

Plastic Security Cap Seal

Our plastic security cap seal is made from high-quality polyethylene plastic and can be silkscreened with custom designs specified by our customers.

Available as crimp-on or snap-on.

Minimum Order Quantities: 2″ plastic crimp-on = 500/box; 3/4″ plastic crimp-on = 1000/box; 2″ plastic snap-on = 250/box; 3/4″ plastic snap-on = 1000/box.

“Very smooth ordering process with quick delivery. No improvements needed. Thanks.”

— Sharon, Delta Group

Aluminum Cap Seals

Our aluminum security cap seal is made from more pliable or flexible aluminum so that fingers don’t get injured when removing the cap seals. To apply these, a crimping tool is needed. Available in white or bare aluminum and you can even apply your own logo.

Minimum Order Quantities: 2″ = 500/box; 3/4″ = 1000/box.

Manual and pneumatic cap seal crimping tools are available for fast and effective installation.