Cold Rolled Steel Circle Blanks

cold rolled steel circle blanks

Con-Tech procurement outsourcing offers an extensive range of cold rolled steel circle blanks from a variety of world-class cold rolled steel suppliers all over the world, many of whom are ISO certified as well as varied domestic steel suppliers and blanking facilities.  These mills have been chosen as suppliers based on their ability to guarantee the highest quality and lowest cost available anywhere.

Why Using Con-Tech Works

Con-Tech has a long history of outsource manufacturing of cold rolled steel circle blanks for use by steel drum manufacturers as the tops and bottoms of 55-gallon steel drums. We offer thickness ranges from .0220″ to .0504″ diameters including 25.25″, 25.276″, 25.375″, 25.438″ and 25.5″.

Our cold rolled steel circle blanks are made by the cold rolling process, performed below the metal’s softening temperature, whereby previously hot rolled and picked metal is passed through cold rolls. Cold rolled steel is passed through a number of rollers after the metal has cooled from initial production. The steel is reduced in thickness incrementally as it passes through the rollers.

Cold Rolled vs Hot Rolled

Cold rolled steel is thinner, smoother and stronger than hot rolled products. Cold rolled steel is distinctive due to its aesthetic appearance, having well-defined corners, more uniformity, and a smooth surface. Since the process is performed at room temperature, the steel will not shrink as it cools, as it does in the hot rolled process. Given its many advantages, there are innumerable uses of cold rolled steel including industrial packaging,  furniture, parts, and other containers to name a few.

Cold rolled steel, in turn, is significantly stronger than hot rolled steel with an improved surface finish, allows for tighter tolerances and different thickness reducing options.

Con-Tech has built its procurement services reputation on reliably delivering cold rolled steel products when customers need them. Manufacturers can choose to have sheet steel, steel discs, and steel plate blanks shipped directly from the mill to their plant or can arrange for JIT delivery by drawing from Con-Tech Steel’s large inventory.

Con-Tech is always searching the marketplace for new suppliers as global steelmaking capacity has increased in recent years. Asia and the Middle East are leading the way in new steelmaking operations but, Bolivia, Namibia and Mozambique are also expected to see the start-up of their first steel plants during the 2021-23 period.

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