Precision Components

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Precision components and parts specifically manufactured for your industry.

Con-Tech is your one-stop source for precision components and industrial parts made to your specifications. Our ISO certified manufacturing partners use materials that are tested to and meet all relevant industry standards.

All parts are inspected and tools such as SPC are used to ensure dimensional accuracy and adherence to your expectations of quality. Our precision components are used in a variety of industries ranging from beer kegs to the chemical hose industry. Our manufacturers have many years of experience in stamping, deep-drawing, CNC machining, investment, and sand casting, forging, plating, anodizing, polishing, as well as other manufacturing processes. We strive to put an unlimited range of cost-effective manufacturing capabilities at your disposal.

Precision Components In Stock

Air Brake Tank Fittings


ConTech PRC Air Brake Tank Fittings, Steel Weld Spuds, and Cold-Formed Fittings.

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Gas Cylinder Flanges


ConTech Precision Components Cylinder Fittings, Weld Flanges, and Steel Cylinder Flanges.

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Brass Hose Adapters

Brass NPTF Hose-Adapter

ConTech PRC Hose Adapter / NPTF Hose Adapters / Brass Hose Fittings.

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Fastener Kits & Hardware


ConTech Precision Components Fastener Kits / Hardware Kits / Private Label Fasteners.

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Beer Keg Necks

Draft keg necks

ConTech PRC Beer Keg Necks / Keg Fittings / Draft Keg Necks.

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