Stainless Steel Hinges

Stainless steel hinges and other marine hardware parts

Marine hardware offered by Con-Tech’s procurement services includes stainless steel hinges produced by many world-class global suppliers from China, Taiwan, India and elsewhere, many of whom are ISO certified. Our stainless steel hinges offer a high-quality surface finish that complements the finish hardware found throughout the interior or exterior of any boat. This marine hardware can be produced in a multitude of styles and sizes to match a boat’s existing finishes or the owner’s taste.

The Importance of Stainless Steel Hinges

Con-Tech’s outsourced manufactured stainless steel hinges benefit from the unique properties of stainless steel, which is used in innumerable applications and industries. Stainless steel is found in marine and shipbuilding, industrial packaging and containers, bulk materials handling equipment, building exteriors and roofing, automobile components, chemical processing plants, pulp and paper manufacturing, petroleum refining, water supply piping, consumer products,  pollution control, sporting goods, food handling, storing, cooking, and serving equipment and transportation, to name just a few. As an iron-containing alloy—a substance made up of two or more chemical elements—it is stain and rust resistant with more than 57 stainless steels recognized as standard alloys, in addition to many proprietary alloys produced by different stainless steel producers.

Con-Tech’s stainless steel marine hardware is highly resistant to rust and less likely less to corrode in saline conditions. Our high-grade stainless steel marine hardware is preferred in many applications due to its long-lasting capabilities.

Why Using Con-Tech Works

Con-Tech is a leader in wholesale customer manufactured boat parts and marine hardware such as stainless steel hinges. Marine hardware has long been fabricated of stainless steel and brass, as such materials help protect the hardware from corrosion in marine conditions. Choosing the right hardware is always a key element of boat safety. If the right choices are not made at the time marine hardware is selected, marine hardware may be severely compromised when exposed to marine environments if the right corrosion-resistant choices are not made at the time of purchase.

What makes Con-Tech different than other wholesale custom manufactured boat parts and marine hardware manufacturers is our attention to detail and our knowledge of your industry. We are tenacious and thrifty and we use our expertise to stay with you every step of the process. And Con-Tech works exclusively with many world-class, ISO-certified wholesale custom manufactured boat parts, and marine hardware manufacturers to get you the product you need.

Each wholesale custom manufactured boat part and marine hardware project begins with Con-Tech listening to your manufacturing needs and product specifications. Then you send us a drawing, a specification or the actual wholesale custom manufactured boat part or marine hardware you need and we will take it from there.

We convey the specifications for your wholesale custom manufactured boat parts and marine hardware to the right manufacturer for your unique application. And Con-Tech will stay with you every step of the way from design, prototype, production import, and delivery to ensure that there are no unwanted surprises in your wholesale custom manufactured boat part or marine hardware experience.

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