India Moving Up in Manufacturing for U.S.

India has moved into 5th position as a top exporter to the U.S. Does your company do business there?
Con-Tech has been partnering with businesses in India for decades and we are proud to be work with leading manufacturer, Technocraft. Our decades-long relationship with this manufacturing powerhouse has resulted in a stellar reputation for providing high-quality products and service.

Exporters in Asia’s third-largest economy have been witnessing a significant increase in orders from both the US and Europe, with the shift mostly seen in low-cost, labor-intensive sectors such as apparel, handicrafts and non-electronic consumer goods. By 2030, India is projected to have the world’s most abundant labor force, and could contribute over $500 billion annually to the global economy, according to a report by Kearney and the World Economic Forum.

Having a reliable and transparent working relationship is essential when doing business with another company, especially one overseas. Learning to navigate another country’s language, customs, and business methodology can be daunting. Many manufacturing companies in the United States are smaller, often family-owned and don’t have the resources to hire personnel specifically to source the goods and materials they need. According to the National Association of Manufacturers 2015 data, there were 251,774 firms in the manufacturing sector, with all but 3,813 firms considered to be small. Our experienced staff have all traveled to our partner factories in India and developed a strong working relationship, giving us confidence to sell their products to our customers.

From drum and IBC parts and accessories to customized speciality products, Con-Tech has been supplying companies in a vast array of industries including chemical & lubricant, oil & gas, diesel exhaust fluid, pharmaceutical, food & beverage and industrial packaging with relaible and safe products for decades. We take pride in our work and in our service and products and thank our partners at Technocraft for their continued support.