Securing Foreign Manufacturing

Con-Tech is happy to announce our latest podcast creation, on securing foreign manufacturing and the state of globalization today. Finding the right supplier, the best manufacturer and securing a reliable business partner in another country with a different language and regulations and cultural norms can be a daunting task. We’ve been working with foreign manufacturers for decades and have some tips on how to make this as painless as possible.

As a domestic supplier of both mass produced and custom manufactured industrial products manufactured abroad, Con-Tech searches for the best match between our customers needs and the international manufacturing market. That has taken us many places from Taiwan and China to India and Viet Nam.

We take the lead from our comprehensive customer base and that has taken us to many different markets and have a very far-reaching array of products manufactured in everything from brass, bronze, steel, to plastic and alloys. Con-Tech supplies everything from pharmaceutical packaging to parts for snow blowers to mooring bits and tiller arms for boats, to name a few.

We work in a large number of industries and niche markets and therefore our reach is expansive. Con-Tech deals with industries ranging from the automotive, agricultural and construction industries to food and beverage, flavor and fragrance and security industries.

There are many specific challenges in working with foreign manufacturers that we’ve faced repeatedly and now take on for our customers. Some of the obvious though no less daunting challenges include: foreign manufacturers that are remote & in different time zones; language barriers & cultural differences that exist; fluctuating exchange rates and trade restrictions that are constantly changing. Furthermore, many countries differ in business practices and laws and navigating those can be stressful and even confusing. Finally, ensuring products arrive on time, in excellent condition and without incident is also a big part of the job. At Con-Tech, we take care of logistics as well.

Take a listen to our latest podcast to learn more or contact us for ideas and help with your manufacturing needs.