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Ready for our Close Up! Con-Tech Product Videos

Con-Tech International announces the immediate release of four new product videos, representing the main product divisions of steel, drum accessories, cap seals and enclosures, and precision components….Read More


Opening Access to a Boat with a Deck Plate The deck of a boat is more than just a covering for the hull of a ship, providing a level place on which people can stand. It also creates an enclosed structure above the hull, in which a boat’s mechanics, fuel tanks, and other storage may…Read More

Boat Gas Tank

How to Choose the Right Boat Gas Tank Fitting out a boat properly means choosing the right equipment and hardware. An important decision is the motor for the boat, gas tank, and its accompanying gas tank vent. There are a number of components to consider and a number of choices to be made, but taking…Read More

Commercial and Private Marine Parts

Marine Supplies for Commercial and Private Boats Anyone interested in boating has to be more than a sailor; he or she must also be an engineer, an electrician, and a handyman. Boating is about the true hands on experience of tweaking, fixing, and bringing the boat to its full potential. To have that full experience,…Read More

Bow Roller

Keeping Your Deck Secure and Safe with a Bow Roller Everyone knows that an anchor can be dropped to slow or “anchor” a boat at sea. However, not everyone knows the safe and secure ways of dropping the anchor without scratching the hull or deck. A bow roller can make dropping even the heaviest anchor…Read More

Fishing Boat Parts

Essential Boat Fittings for a Fishing Boat Every good fisherman knows he or she needs a few essential boat fittings to have the perfect fishing boat. The tackle box, bait, rods and reels are a given, but there are a few things you don’t want to leave the harbor without. Boat Parts for Safety It…Read More

Cockpit Drains and Scuppers

Keeping the Boat Dry with Cockpit Drains and Scuppers One cannot escape the marine fact that ships take on water. Whether from ocean spray, rain, wet things and people, water gets onto the deck. Most of the time it can be sluiced off easily, but in the cockpit this water tends to puddle without proper…Read More

Rudder Tiller

A Guide to the Rudder Tiller There are as many types of rudder tiller combinations as there are different types of boats and ships. From those approved only for yachting regattas to those enjoyed by recreational boating and fishing, the rudder and tiller combination allows boaters and sailors to navigate seas, lakes, and rivers with…Read More


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