Ready for our Close Up! Con-Tech Product Videos

Precision Components Con-Tech International announces the immediate release of four new product videos, representing the main product divisions of steel, drum accessories, cap seals and enclosures, and precision components.  So It Goes Productions, a local video and photography studio, produced all locally shot video footage and graphics.

“Con-Tech is proud to have created informative videos that share what we do and what kind of products we can bring to market,” says Barbara Ryniker Evans, President at Con-Tech International.

From storyboards to drones

Finding a solution to provide key information in a short and succinct manner was the driving force behind creating these videos. Beginning with a series of storyboards that broke down the crucial points of each division, staff then refined the main messages and recorded each at a well-known local studio (shout out to Word of Mouth Productions). From there, they turned to another homegrown business, So It Goes Productions, to present their vision of what the videos would look and feel like. Owner Kenny Lass captured the essence of the company, from its strong relationships with customers across the globe to its warehousing and shipping capabilities in Gretna, Louisiana, and created a series of videos that tell a unique story about the company and all the manufacturing industries it works with.

Filmed over a series of two months, So It Goes captured action shots of products in motion, on-site video of moving and shipping procedures, as well as in office interactions with division leaders and staff. Showcasing the spirit of the city of New Orleans was also an important element that needed to be included and the production team managed to do that using drone footage that spotlights the New Orleans skyline as well as the historic warehouse district where the main offices reside.

Our product videos availability

Our product videos are driven by our customer feedback for more information about what services and products we can help bring to market and by Con-Tech International’s commitment to deliver the latest product updates in one convenient installation.  Looking to go beyond traditional marketing outlets, the Con-Tech message can be found a variety of media channels including Vimeo and YouTube, as well as on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Our product videos are available for immediate download on our YouTube channel.