ISO Certification – Taking Stock Inside & Out

As Con-Tech continues the progression to ISO certification, we must take the necessary steps required such as internal auditing and surveys with our employees. We recently asked our staff about job satisfaction, referrals and ways to improve our business. Does your company check in on a regular basis? Studies show a direct link between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction. At Con-Tech, we aim for both.

Often times just demonstrating some basic kindness to one another can go a long way. Being kind is easy to do online simply by liking, following, reading and responding to colleagues, friends, and family. But being kind to one another every day can sometimes be more challenging. There are many simple ways to show kindness at work. Listening to your co-workers, sharing stories about weekend endeavors, supporting them with both challenges and successes are all acts of kindness. Recognizing achievements and milestones are key factors in employee retention. Also, bringing donuts to the office helps too!

Kindness Catalyst Linda Cohen speaks to companies and CEOs on a regular basis and says “Kindness in the workplace… improves employee morale, increases retention and creates loyalty from customers and clients.” At Con-Tech we also strive for more kindness