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Solutions to the Tariff Woes

Louisiana leaders in manufacturing and trade gathered recently in New Orleans for the World Trade Center New Orleans Policy Meeting to discuss new legislation, challenges and possible solutions to the current trade woes. Con-Tech was proud to share its insights into current issues that suppliers face with respect to imports, pricing and availability. Trade and tariff…Read More

Celebrating 300 Years and Giving Thanks

As November rolls around and the holiday season nears, we are reminded of the things we are grateful for. Con-Tech has many reasons to be both thankful and celebratory!…Read More

Changes in Legislation re Import Tariffs Affect Steel Industry

Recent changes I legislation with respect to import tariffs have greatly affected the steel industry. U.S. President Trump in April 2017 ordered an investigation into the national security implications of foreign imports of US steel. Days later, he signed a memorandum for a similar investigation on aluminum. Both were efforts undertaken by the Commerce Department…Read More

Manufacturing Stainless Steel Blanks

Some jobs do not require stock steel fixtures or tools. Sometimes, a custom job is needed for the best possible product. In those cases, stainless steel blanks are needed from which the individual can shape the object needed, be it a name tag, a key, a tool, or even an automotive part. Knowing how steel…Read More


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