Celebrating 300 Years and Giving Thanks

As November rolls around and the holiday season nears, we are reminded of the things we are grateful for. Con-Tech has many reasons to be both thankful and celebratory!

Thirty-five years of strong relationships of mutual success and loyalty with our phenomenal customers is the first thing for which we are constantly grateful. And we are no less proud of the equally strong support and high-quality products and service Con-Tech receives from our wonderful suppliers.
No words of thanks are enough for the expertise and devotion that Con-Tech receives from each member of our team. Whether they are old or new staff members, we are thankful for the professionalism and commitment to excellence each of them brings to our customers every day. We want to welcome two new members to our team – Roddy Collins Jr and Matthew Rivere, who will be working at our warehouse facilities.
Finally, we are thankful for the ever-changing world that presents us with new opportunities, customers and ideas every day. And we are eternally grateful to our founder, Robbie Evans, who left us with the legacy that no obstacle is too large for Con-Tech to overcome.
To celebrate 300 years of rich history, diversity, cultural traditions and resilience, the City of New Orleans will celebrate 2018 like no other. For the past 300 years, this port city has received people from around the world seeking new lives and prospects.
Con-Tech is proud to be a part of the trade industry that makes this city thrive. Located in a historic building, in a historic neighborhood, we know and live the rich cultural heritage of New Orleans every day.
For over 35 years, Con-Tech has provided jobs and contributed to the economy of our great city and we look forward to continuing this tradition for generations to come!
Check out this amazing video created by the New Orleans Tricentennial!