Massive Changes for Nola – Trade, Tracks & Infrastructure

On Con-Tech International’s newest podcast, Industrial Manufacturing Deep Dives, we talk about globalization in manufacturing and trade and what that means for the Gulf South and New Orleans with our special guest Harrison Crabtree, Executive Director of The World Trade Center of New Orleans. 

Harrison is a wealth of information and energy and is bringing that to the WTCNO, along with global trade experience he gained here and abroad. It was an absolute joy to learn more about what’s happening with ports and infrastructure and how they affect trade. Did you know that WTCNO is the original world trade center? Yes, indeed.

One of the things we spoke about at length is the new partnership between WTCNO and Greater New Orleans, Inc. which is bringing positive change, through WTCNO programs including business development, business missions, trade policy, trade committees and promotions. This new business model is gaining popularity all across the country.

We’ll also discussed the future of global trade which looks positive, and how the increasing efficiency of shipping networks are pushing the world toward more, not less, trade. Also part of the discussion was an in-depth look at large investments in ports, waterways and broadband that will make trade cheaper and easier.

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