Con-Tech Supplies Sea Vessels

We have always been anxious to explore the sea. As early as 3000 B.C. the first sea-going sailing ships were built in China and Taiwan, while Egyptians were assembling their first wooden hulls. In 1200 B.C., Phoenicians built large merchant ships and by 500-200 B.C., a naval fleet was an integral part of the Chinese military. Although European navigational technology remained comparatively primitive compared to these cultures, by the Renaissance many European cultures mastered the sea.

Today more than 50,000 commercial vessels ply the seas and seagoing vessels vary widely. High speed multi-hulled crafts, special purpose, submersible, offshore oil and fishing vessels and various recreational rowed masted and motorized crafts just begin to scratch the surface of available marine vessels. Harbor crafts, floating dry docks and cable layers continue the nearly endless list. And today Con-Tech marine hardware can be found in a variety of these vessels.