FreezePro™ Frost Protection Systems

Con-Tech provides FreezePro™ Frost Protection Systems for use in industrial packaging such as drums, IBC’s, tote tanks, bulk containers and plastic containers.


Con-Tech offers FreezePro® Frost Protection Systems which deliver a barrier of uniform, directional heat where it is needed most – to tanks, drums, buckets, IBC totes, and other temperature sensitive equipment. The advanced, all-in-one design of FreezePro® eliminates the need for multiple product purchases and simplifies the entire implementation process while saving time and money. The end result is an efficient heating solution which increases equipment lifespan while giving the most cost-effective method for minimizing damage caused by harsh or freezing temperatures. This helps enhance your productivity and eliminates expensive, additional items.

FreezePro™ Drum Insulation Jackets are designed to ensure temperature stability for temperature-sensitive products during their transport, handling and storage of chemicals, fluids and bulk materials in drums. FreezePro™ Tote Tank Insulation Jackets are designed to ensure temperature stability for temperature-sensitive products during the transport, handling and storage of chemicals, fluids, and bulk materials in tote tanks.

The FreezePro™ Frost Protection Systems also are easy to use. Consult the FreezePro™ How to Install worksheet or review the FreezePro™ Tote Tank How to Measure or the FreezePro™ Drum How to Measure Instructions or consult the FreezePro™ FAQs.

Con-Tech also provides the Ranco ETC Single State Temperature Control-Nema Type 4X, a microprocessor-based electronic temperature control designed to provide on/off control for commercial heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and refrigeration. The ETC is equipped with a liquid crystal display (LCD) that provides a constant readout of the sensed temperature, and a touch keypad that allows the user to easily and accurately select the set point temperature, differential and heating/cooling mode of operation. The ETC NEMA Type 4X control can accept either 120 or 208/240 VAC input power.

The applications for FreezePro™ Drum Insulation Jackets are numerous. They include: 55-gallon barrels; 55-gallon drums; 55-gallon steel drums; Composite buckets, 1-gallon buckets, 5-gallon buckets and 10-gallon buckets. Similarly, the applications for FreezePro™ Tote Tank Insulation Jackets are numerous. They include: IBC tote tanks; pallet tanks; PVC tanks; container components; stainless steel totes; tote tanks; portable tanks; vertical tanks; horizontal tanks; bulk containers; plastic containers and intermediate bulk containers; and totes with steel cages.

Likewise, the Ranco ETC offers similarly wide applications. All ETC NEMA Type 4X controls have enclosures rated watertight for outdoor use. With its wide temperature setpoint range and selectable heating and cooling modes, the ETC can be used for a wide variety of applications including bulk milk coolers, refrigerated storage, cooling towers, unit heaters, ventilation fan cycling and trace heating. In addition, the ETC NEMA Type 4X control is designed to meet the requirements of Article 547 of the National Electric Code for use in agricultural buildings such as poultry houses and livestock farms.

The FreezePro™ Frost Protection Systems also come with optional accessories in addition to the ETC Single-Stage Temperature Control. FreezePro™ Drum Insulation Jackets are used with FreezePro™ Drum Insulation Lids which come in different sizes to fit all the various options. Likewise, FreezePro™ Tote Tank Insulation Jackets are designated for use with FreezePro™ Tote Tank Insulation Lids made to fit the size in question.

All FreezePro™ Drum amd Tote Frost Protection Systems feature visible logos and a patch for easy placement and installation guide, as well as a flexible, one-piece design. They all maintain physical integrity for temperatures between -40°F (-40°C) to 200°F (93°C) and contain (18 AWG) grounded 120V power cable with thermal delivery element. They are weather resistant & UV stable and contain adjustable straps with quick-release buckles to ensure a proper fit.

FreezePro™ Frost Protection Systems are used in many of the industries serve by Con-Tech. You can find these products used by industries including: Agriculture & Farm Equipment; Flavor & Fragrances; Food & Beverage; Industrial Packaging & Hardware; Intermediate Bulk Container & Tote Tank; Lubricant & Petrochemical; Pharmaceutical; Reconditioned Drum; Small Container; Stainless Steel Drum; and Steel Drum; and Transportation & Tank.

FreezePro™ Frost Protection Systems are designed for freeze protection or temperature maintenance of drums, tanks, and equipment. They are specially designed to maintain desired temperatures through an evenly heated area, keeping chemicals and other industrial materials within customer-defined temperature ranges. These products are recommended for applications ranging from -40°F (-40°C) to 200°F (93°C).

If you still have questions, read the FreezePro™ FAQ to help you decide. Or look at our videos on How to Measure for FreezePro™ Tote & Drum and How to Install for FreezePro™ Tote & Drum. Or you can review in detail the Ranco Installation Instructions for our ETC Single Size Electronic Temperature Control.

How Can Con-Tech Help You?

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