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IBC Accessories for Tote Tanks

Your IBC (tote tank) accessories will be manufactured to Con-Tech’s exacting specifications to ensure leak-free performance.

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Con-Tech IBC Accessories division is your one-stop source for Voyager ball valves and fittings. The industry’s most complete line of stainless and carbon steel IBC products is brought directly from our exclusive ISO-certified manufacturer to you. We are a trusted source of component parts to most of the nation’s tote tank manufacturers.

The intermediate bulk container market is poised to grow by $3.18 billion during 2021-2025, with containerization a big market driver. Growth in manufacturing is another large contributor to the IBC trend.

Serious consideration needs to be given to the transit and storage of IBCs and there are complex rules governing these issues. But all agree that there are many benefits to IBC use. And the innovations in the IBC world keep coming.

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